donald-trump-looks-like-sushi.jpg (500×375)

donald-trump-looks-like-sushi.jpg (500×375)

51J-io71pGL.jpg (500×402)

After studying our lessons, you will probably be very hungry. These pictures won't help!

4ZGZD6X.jpg (650×347)

Tokyo-based illustrator and makizushi artist Takayo Kiyota (also known as Tama-chan) creates amazing works of art hidden within sushi rolls.

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person in sushi costume riding bicycle sushi on wheels


Our Team Tries out the Legendary 'Nyotaimori' Body Sushi, Mr. Sato Giggles with Excitement

05c.jpg (800×629)

Pokemon Sushi Zip Bag by Rosewine on Etsy

2860967_t.jpg (200×275)

2860967_t.jpg (200×275)

545.png (800×642)

545.png (800×642)

sushi-cats.jpg (500×496)

I never usually indulge in cat pics. but this can't be helped -- Nigiri cats.