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an info sheet with different images and words on it, including text that reads ways to use the different instagram formats
Ways to Use the Different Instagram Formats
New ideas for your reels, lives, stories, carousel and single posts. Its key to switch up your content!
an info sheet with the words instagramn carousels and two speech bubbles above it
Instagram Carousel Tip
Instagram Carousel Tip. Carousels are an incredible feature to utilize on Instagram. A carousel is a collection of photos or videos. But, how do you capture your audience's attention? Use an honestly click-bait-y title or even better a video, so people have to watch or scroll to find out what it's about. Download our Instagram complimentary guide now to get more information! #instagramcarouseltip #instagramcarousels #instagram
Canva carousel hack for instagram
In case you didn’t know… Today marks the first day you stopped using old habits to create new content. ✨ Next time you’re going to create a carousel for instagram: 🔗 open your design in Canva 🔗 go to file > view settings > show rulers and guides > custom 🔗 type in the desired number of columns (slides) for your carousel *type 0 for margin and gap 🔗 drop your pics or videos into each section ✨ export your perfectly divided carousel and post our schedule for IG 🖤 here for you always TAGS Canva hack Canva tutorial Carousel hack Instagram carousel Instagram tips and tricks Freelance designer Canva designer Small business owners Small business club Content creator Content Marketing
Stop-motion video 📹 feat. skincare unboxing
the brightest light of sunshine shines in this photo collage with people and dogs
a white table topped with sunglasses and a book
Aesthetic background
Cornrows Braids, Kids Braided Hairstyles, Feed In Braids Ponytail, Braids For Kids
Unique and Beautiful Weaving Ideas 2022 for Ladies. - Ladeey