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there are two pictures of farm animals in the same place on top of each other
Top 10 Ways To Recycle and Reuse Wooden Cable Reels - Paperblog
a fire pit made out of sticks and paper sitting on top of a wooden table
Campfire for reading around. Try, Do Angels Go Camping? Amazon.com
the top 10 tuff - tray fillers for toddlers to make with their toys
Top 10 Tuff Tray Filler Ideas - Best Toys 4 Toddlers
Welcome to week 3 of Less Toys. More Play. series! We have covered a lot last week: from pretend play food to real kitchen play, from playing without commercial toys to playing with their favorite toys, from involving kids to toy purge to spending quality time with them. Today we are having in guests Nicola from...Read More »
there are pictures of play dough jungles with animals and broccoli on the table
Jungle small world :: play dough fun
Great idea for a jungle small world made with play dough
two pictures of children's toys in a play area with fake turf and sand
Small World Play: The Farm | Clare's Little Tots
Farmyard tuff spot. Fun and edible small world play idea for imaginative and creative play. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this giant farm, great for messy and sensory play.
a black tray with various toys on it and some writing on the surface next to them
Over 150 ideas for using your Active World Tuff Spot Tray
This shows how to incorporate coding and LOGO into early years learning. Using BeeBots is a simple and effective way to learn algorithms and how to debug.