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a person wearing a black hoodie and pants
a man is running with a camera in his hand and wearing a scarf around his neck
Tintin by coryosterberg on DeviantArt ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES…
a woman standing in front of a brick wall with wings painted on it's side
Enjoy my dump.
Enjoy my dump. - Album on Imgur
a drawing of a man with tattoos on his arm and leg, standing in front of a blue background
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a man with headphones sitting on top of his leg and looking to the side
That's rough, buddy.
-atlas: “ i feel like mamura would have really good taste in music i had a lot of fun with this one! ”
a drawing of a man in a suit and tie with his hands on his hips
The Art of Dean Heezen
Guess I'll get on the Star Wars fan art band wagon. - The Art of Dean Heezen
a drawing of a person with a backpack and a cup in his hand, walking
an image of a cartoon character holding a football
soonsang world
soonsang world — Shooting star soonsang works. daily art.1504017...
a man in a yellow jacket and black pants standing with his hands on his hips
Drew @nathanzed / / / #characterdesign #visualdevelopment #visdev #design #nathanzed #character #illustration #fashionillustration #digitalpainting #animation #sketch #MensFashionIllustration
a drawing of a boy with a guitar in his hand
I'll be sharing some character concepts | WEBSTA - Instagram Analytics
a man in pink pants and a white shirt holding a black bag with one hand on his hip
This site has a lot of amazing concept art of the Big Hero 6 characters! <3 (This an early version of Tadashi):
an image of a man in uniform with his arms crossed
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a drawing of a person in a red hoodie and white sneakers with a black backpack
Ágreda: Photo
Jose Luis Agreda — Simplicity and clarity of design in illustration with great sense of characters.
a drawing of a boy with red hair and black boots holding a hat in his hand
Artes do character designer Joe Pitt