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the book cover for secret curves of slaves by linda schlager, with an image of a plant on it
Secret Cures of Slaves: People, Plants, and Medicine in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World, (Paperback) -
an old black and white photo of people picking flowers
Facts about the Slave Trade and Slavery
More...after working all day long in the cotton fields, the women had go home snd "tend" to their families.
an old black and white photo of a woman holding a small child in her arms
Slaves Breast Feed White Babies
an old black and white photo of a woman holding a small child in her lap
“We Are Literally Slaves”: An Early Twentieth-Century Black Nanny Sets the Record Straight
a painting of a woman holding a baby in front of a house with green shutters
"I've always lived among darkies. Ever since I was born, I've always had a mammy to look after me and my personal toilette. Even after I marry a handsome beau one day, I'm certain to bring my mammy with me to his plantation. Why they are as important to me as any other amenity on the plantation."- Alice Breckenridge, Southern Fire (A.Snow, Pinnacle Publishing, 1991).
an old black and white photo of women in dresses standing next to each other outside
Culture Talk: Curator Julie Crooks on Art Gallery of Ontario’s Acquisition of 3,500 Historic Caribbean Photographs
an old house in the middle of a field with dirt and grass on both sides
Drayton Hall, Charleston SC. Dr. Alexander Moore rocks the historic sites, and our family dinners, with the best stories of the Low Country.