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a couple getting married in front of an outdoor wedding ceremony by the water at sunset
3 Best Airbnb Wedding Venues In Minnesota, USA
Minnesota prides itself as home to the famous Twin Cities, Minneapolis–Saint Paul. These two cities used to co-exist independently before becoming a united metro area in 1872, yet they retain their individual characters and are still governed by two different municipalities. With the state’s romantic history, it makes an ideal setting for a wedding ceremony! If you plan to tie the knot here, keep reading for our picks of the best Airbnb wedding venues in Minnesota, USA.
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Top 10 Airbnb Wedding Venues In Ontario, Canada
The beauty of Ontario makes for an idyllic setting for an outdoor wedding and could also be perfect for spur-of-the-moment elopements. It is easy to get married here even for tourists, as long as you obtain a marriage license from City Hall. The license is valid for a maximum of 90 days and can be used to get married anywhere in the province. As for the place where all the wedding magic will happen, continue reading to know more about the top Airbnb wedding venues in Ontario, Canada.
an aerial view of a home in the woods with trees and mountains in the background
8 Best Airbnb Wedding Venues Near Great Smoky Mountains, United States
Shared by both Tennessee and North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains are a majestic natural attraction in the United States. It features a protected national park spanning 500,000 acres (202,343 hectares) and mesmerizing visitors with diverse natural beauty. No surprise, then, that the towns on these mountains make for majestic wedding locations, especially for those who love unspoiled nature. Looking for a picturesque place to get hitched amidst the mountains? Read on for the best Airbnb wedding venues near Great Smoky Mountains, United States!
a woman in a wedding dress is sitting by a piano and looking out the window
Top 6 Airbnb Wedding Venues In Wisconsin, USA
Rustic wooded barns, stately castles, alluring lakeshore settings, and cozy indoor venues - you will find it all in Wisconsin! By booking an Airbnb venue, you have the opportunity to make your ceremony intimate. It might also save you a few bucks! If this piques your interest, keep reading for the top Airbnb wedding venues in Wisconsin, USA.
an indoor dining area with tables and chairs covered in white drapes, decorated for christmas
10 Best Airbnb Wedding Venues In Europe
If you are planning your special day in Europe, you can find plenty of event-friendly Airbnbs that allow weddings. For more ideas, check out Airbnb's top European wedding venues.
an outdoor ceremony set up on the beach with candles and flowers in front of it
10 Best Airbnb Wedding Venues In The Philippines
With over 7,000 stunning islands to choose from, the Philippines offers the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. Discover the top Airbnb wedding venues in the Philippines and say 'I do' in paradise!
an aerial view of the coastline and houses
2 Best Airbnb Wedding Venues Near Sunshine Coast, Australia
Whether you are thinking of a fun, flirty, and breezy wedding with lots of sun, or a dreamy intimate wedding, there could be no place better than the famous Sunshine Coast. The area is home to spectacular beaches such as Mooloolaba Beach, rainforests, mountains, botanical gardens, and national parks. If you’re planning an intimate wedding, click the link for the best Airbnb wedding venues near Sunshine Coast, Australia.
an outdoor tent with tables and chairs set up for a formal dinner under the canopy
3 Best Airbnb Wedding Venues In New Jersey, USA
or coastal nuptials on the Jersey shore, we recommend The Breakers on the Ocean and McLoone’s Pier House for spectacular ocean vistas. You can visit Grounds For Sculpture and Allaire State Park for some post-wedding peace. Enjoying the nightlife of Atlantic City is also a great entertainment spot. Check out below the best Airbnb wedding venues in New Jersey, USA, for more unique options.
the mountains are covered with snow and trees in the foreground is an evergreen forest
Top 4 Airbnb Wedding Venues In Washington, USA
Washington is an gorgeous state packed with natural attractions such as Olympic National Park and Mount Rainer. With breathtaking natural beauty all around, Washington enjoys a plethora of outdoor wedding venues. Finding a venue is half the work done. Read along to find the top Airbnb wedding venues in Washington, USA.
purple flowers are growing on the side of a stone wall near the ocean and beach
Top 8 Airbnb Wedding Venues In Michigan, USA
Bordering the Great Lakes, Michigan offers some of the most picturesque waterfront venues in the country. A beach wedding can be romantic and easygoing but can also bring challenges, including unpredictable weather. For couples who prefer city life, stunning locations are available in and around the major cities in Michigan. Continue reading to know more about the top Airbnb wedding venues in Michigan, USA.
the mountain range is reflected in the still water of this lake, with trees and shrubs on both sides
7 Best Airbnb Wedding Venues In New Zealand
If you plan to get hitched in beautiful New Zealand, you’ll appreciate the unique wedding venues the country has in store! Fancy tying the knot on a cliff-top? Or a place set against the stunning snowcapped alpines? Or perhaps amidst the lush greenery - be it on top of the mountain or in a forest? Well, you’ll find a setting for every theme you could think of here. Learn more about the best Airbnb wedding venues in New Zealand.
an aerial view of the ocean, mountains and clouds in the distance with blue water
Top 2 Airbnb Wedding Venues In Tasmania, Australia
A secluded nature lover’s paradise, Tasmania features some of the most pristine landscapes in Australia. The untouched nature and stunning scenery also make it an ideal destination for a wedding followed by a charming romantic retreat. The state offers a variety of sites and settings to tie the knot, such as a city wedding in Hobart, a mountainside wedding in Cradle Mountain, and a beach wedding on one of its many secluded beaches. For options, keep reading and explore the top Airbnb wedding venues in Tasmania, Australia.
a bride and groom walking down a path in the woods with greenery on either side
Top 10 Airbnb Wedding Venues In Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne is the capital of Victoria. Although it often hides behind the shadows of Sydney, Melbourne proves itself to be an excellent wedding destination. We compiled a list to help you plan one of the biggest days of your life. Scroll down for the top Airbnb wedding venues in Melbourne, Australia.
an image of a lake in the middle of fall with trees and buildings around it
5 Best Airbnb Wedding Venues In Maryland, USA
Maryland is close to the power hub of Washington DC. Moreover, the state offers a scenic destination to host a wedding. Couples can plan elegant city weddings or opt for something more laidback. Some of the most scenic rentals can be found along the Chesapeake Bay coastline, which can be another wedding spot. Continue reading to pick from the best Airbnb wedding venues in Maryland, USA.
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Top 7 Airbnb Wedding Venues In Colorado, USA
The landlocked state of Colorado is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and as being home to the Rocky Mountains. The state also plays host to scenic byways, breathtaking trails, and 42 state parks. If you are thinking of an outdoor wedding, it would be difficult to find a state to beat Colorado. Find the top Airbnb wedding venues in Colorado, USA.