Vintage Industrial Steampunk Lamp

Vintage Industrial Steampunk Lamp

Industrial chic vintage reclaimed up cycled repurposed game of thrones gears steampunk welded steel sculptures eclectic decor.

Steampunk lamp

"Arc Light" Steampunk Lamp

(via Arc Light Steampunk Lamp - Steampunk Lighting Master, Art Donovan)

Medium Galvanized Steel Pipe Steampunk Desk Lamp by loglow on Etsy, $120.00

Medium Galvanized Steel Pipe Steampunk Desk Lamp just add an old anglepoise head :)

lamps made from carburetors and air cleaners

Awesome carb and air cleaner lamps, would love these out in the garage.

Steam Punk Robot (by spyduck)

Steampunk Robby The Robot By Spyduck and other trending products for sale at competitive prices.

Beautiful Art Deco/Machine Age Chandelier

Art Deco, but gas a steam punk feel


The base of the unit has a moon phase clockwork. Hand Painted Moons in eight phases plus a 12 hour clock with hand made hands. Designed and Hand Made by Art Donovan.

PC case straight from a WWII radio hut...

Love the Styling. Wish I knew more about it. All the discription says is "Tube Vamped Tower Amplifier" (Computer Tech Computers)

Steampunk Lamp Industrial Art Machine Age Salvage Steam Gauge Telsa Steam Punk

Steampunk Lamp Industrial Art Machine Age Salvage Steam Gauge Telsa Steam Punk

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The Mystarium Table Lamp by JW Kinsey Steampunk Steam Punk

Mystarium Table Lamp: a hand-made steampunk styled light

Machine Light No.3 by Frank Buchwald

Machine Lights, Beautiful Light Sculptures by Frank Buchwald

Steampunk Lamp

Steampunk Lamp

Machine Light No.6 by Frank Buchwald

The Machine Light Series of Frank Buchwald model steampunk industrial interior design decor lighting

Machine Age/Art Deco Lamp c.1935 by Markel

Bauhaus lampje / Machine Age/Art Deco Lamp by Markel

Steam Punk Science Art Deco Machine Age  Edison Lamp by BretJames, $245.00

Steam Punk Edison Lamp - Desk Lamps - iD Lights

Machine Light No.4 by Frank Buchwald

"Machine Lights" are beautiful hand crafted light sculptures by German designer Frank Buchwald. The Machine Light series comprises 12 different models prod