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From baby cribs and infant clothes to strollers, these are some baby essentials from that make great baby shower gifts and ideas for what to buy new parents
'Heelarious' Petite Pumps #babies

Baby Footwear Fashion

- Hip babies searching for a way to increase their glamour quotient, look no further! These tiny baby pumps are sized to fit infants up to 6 months o...

Preschoolians Personalized Footwear #babies

DIY Baby Shoes

- Preschoolians is the latest footwear company to throw its hat into the DIY shoe ring. It allows parents to create their own personalized sneakers f...

Heelarious Western Footwear for Newborns #babies

Baby Cowboy Booties

- Heelarious stylish baby footwear lets wee fashionistas keep current with the cowboy fashion trend. Newly launched Pink 'Sadie' and black 'Jesse' we...

Lalashoes Felt Baby Shoes are Simple Yet Colorful #babies

Minimalist Mini Kicks

- LaLaShoes’ felt baby shoes makes your child look fashion-forward in his or her own minimalist kicks. The soft-soled shoes are crafted with ha...

The Year of the Tiger Kids Shoes Fortell Fashionable Children #babies

Zodiac Kiddie Kicks

- So, I don’t really like children, but if I did have the fortune/misfortune to have any, I am sure I would dress them like the most bad ass (w...

The Teddy Bear Adidas from Jeremy Scott Bring Back the Comfort of the Crib #babies

Stuffed Animal Shoes

teddy bear Adidas - The teddy bear Adidas above is an extremely bold and daring shoe from designer Jeremy Scott. Scott is known for his creative and sometimes crazy sh...

TINY TOMS are Charitable Shoes for the Young Philanthropist #babies

Ethical Children's Footwear

TINY TOMS - TINY TOMS is the latest collection to be released from TOMS, the charitable shoe company. Youth sizes are also scheduled to be released, giving you...

The Mia Piccina Collection is Adorably Sweet #babies

Fruity Baby Booties

mia piccina - These adorable baby booties from the Mia Piccina collection are freshly handmade. The slippers come in the form of strawberry, blueberry, apple, an...

The 2011 Charlie Banana Matthew Langille Collection is for Crazy Kids #babies

Dainty Diaper Designs

Charlie Banana Matthew Langille - The 2011 Charlie Banana Matthew Langille collection brings a bit of everything to your baby's bottom. Cute dog print? Sure. Adorable messages of lo...

The LaLa Shoe Collection is Made from Colorful Felt #babies

Retro Baby Booties

lala shoes - These adorable baby booties by LaLa Shoes offers a variety of colorful styles. The shoes are made out of felt, so they are soft and comfortable for...

The Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Collection is Vibrantly Cute #babies

Childishly Painted Catalogs

Diane von Furstenberg GapKids - The highly anticipated Diane von Furstenberg GapKids collection is hitting stores next week on March 15, 2012. Joining the likes of Gucci, Stella M...

The Shupeas Expandable Baby Shoe Fits Tots Between 3 and 20 Months #babies

Kid-Friendly Footwear

Shupeas Expandable Baby Shoe - Parents tend to buy clothing a couple of sizes bigger than their babies because they know just how fast they will be growing and the Shupeas Expand...

The Mi Cielo Baby Bodysuits are Adorable and Eco Friendly #babies

Pop Culture-Inspired Onsies

Mi Cielo Baby Bodysuits - An adorable collection of pop culture-inspired baby clothing is now on the market. These Mi Cielo Baby Bodysuits are perfect for the everyday bay s...

Adidas Little Performers Brings Quality Footwear to Infants #babies

Scientifically Designed Tot Sneakers

Adidas Little Performers - The Adidas Little Performers program, a line of footwear that has been designed specifically for infants aged 0 to 4 years using a scientific appro...

Knitted Costumes by TheMiniatureKnitShop are the Perfect Gift #babies

Adorable Creature Slippers

Knitted Costumes by TheMiniatureKnitShop - These Knitted Costumes by TheMiniatureKnitShop make the ultimate baby shower present. Coming in an array of adorable patterns and animals, these sl...

bioME 5 Workshop Animal Alphabet Clothes and Educates Your Children #babies

Educational Toddler Tees

bioME 5 Workshop Animal Alphabet - The soft, organic cotton t-shirt collection by the bioME 5 Workshop Animal Alphabet Project is a way for children to learn about their favorite ani...