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Knots between your shoulder blades & rounded shoulders?
Knots between your shoulder blades & rounded shoulders? Try this mobility exercise daily! Cc rmt.rachelpantano #backpain #backpainrelief #shoulderpain #shoulderpainexercises #roundedshoulders #poorposture #hipmobility #shouldermobility
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Burn your Arm Fat from Bed with this Lazy Girl Bat Wing Workout
two women standing next to each other with the caption pov you finally figure out your neck hump is really a tight
Lauren Ohayon | Core + Pelvic Floor on Instagram: "Neck hump. Although the problem shows up at the top of your spine, the issue is often somewhere else. Many of the exercises for it target only the hump area - which might feel good in the moment, but is not going to be a long-term solution. It is almost 100% of the people that I work with who have a neck hump- also have a very tight restricted pelvic area, tight, hips, + even tight pelvic floor. A flattened curve of the lumbar spine, lower back area is also often part of this pattern. In Aggie’s case - her pelvis shifts forward (hence her bunions) + that slight shift of her pelvis creates tension in her hips + the hump at the top. This sequence is incredible for unwinding this pattern. The exercises we do on the floor with the hips
a woman doing yoga poses with the words hip bursitts yoga on it