Awesome Catrina by Fede-Gas

Done at Giahi Tattoo & Piercing, Löwenstrasse 22 By resident artist Fede Gas

Robot tattoo by Kory Angarita

photo: " of the day: Kory Angarita Location: Artist's IG:

Rose tattoo by Phil Garcia

Women with hand tattoos are bold and unafraid to hold back and hide. Check out this awesome gallery of feminine hand tattoos.

Terror tattoo by Maksims Zotovs

photo: "⭐ Hashtag pick of the day Maksims Zotovs Location: Artist's

By Jakub Hendrix

Interview with Jakub Golebiewski

Skull tattoo by Paul Acker

Hand Jammer by PaulAcker

Awesome tattoo by Adamik Erik

Awesome tattoo by Adamik Erik

Bull terrier tattoo

Bull terrier tattoo

Underworld Tattoo by Dave Paulo

Realistic 3 colors Portraits tattoo works by Dave Paulo