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Jonah is a Story of a Big God Not a Big Fish
The Story of Jonah
the cover of we've missed the point of the story of jonah, with an image of a man falling from a boat
The Story Of Jonah In The Bible (and 2 powerful truths)
You've probably heard of the story of jonah and the whale. But most people don't know what it means. So let's look at the meaning of the story of Jonah.
a whale tail with the words 5 lessons from the life of jonah
5 Life Lessons From Jonah in the Bible
the signs of an unhealthy church can be subtle but one thing is clear unhealthy churches don't make disciples
5 Signs You’re Part of an Unhealthy Church
The signs of an unhealthy church can be subtle. But one thing is clear: Unhealthy churches don't make disciples and don't serve their communities.
the bible study versus devotanal reading and how to use it in your classroom
How to Read the Bible: Study Vs. Devotional Reading - Ashleigh Rich