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a woman sitting at a table in front of a cake with chocolate frosting on it
Daily Dose Of Art 🎨 on Instagram: "This person is an extraordinary cake artist. She has gained popularity on Instagram for her unique and mesmerizing water illusion cakes. These cakes often feature realistic ocean scenes, with intricate details like islands surrounded by crystal-clear water and marine life such as whales visible through the water. Her creations are not only visually stunning but also showcase her incredible skill in working with gelatin and other mediums to create these lifelike effects. Artist: @oh.honeycake #cake #art #talent"
a white cake with purple and yellow pansies on it, sitting on a plate
Matklubben Trondheim on Instagram: "🌸TERRAZZO-OSTEKAKE 🌸 Her kommer en ønskereprise! Husk å lagre oppskriften til sommerens festligheter🥳 SLIK GJØR DU: Vi må begynne med å lage fargerik gelé, gjerne kvelden i forveien. Denne skal nemlig stivne før den tilsettes ostemassen GELÉ TIL FYLLET: 1/2 pakke kiwigele 1/2 pakke bringebærgele 1/2 pakke sitrongele 1/2 pakke blåbærgele (Evt. 2 hele pakker med to av fargene, hvis du ikke vil sitte igjen med 4 halve pakker 😂🙈) Lag gelé som anvist på pakken (du kan velge å redusere vannmengden litt om du vil ha en skarpere farge og sterkere smak, men ikke reduser for mye, maks 1/2 dl, ellers blir teksturen helt feil) Vi lot geleen stivne i 4 forskjellige brødformer. OSTEKREM: 6 plater gelatin 1 boks seterrømme,(3 dl) ikke lettrømme 200 g naturel
a person is measuring the inside of a bowl with a syringe in it
ARTWORK DAILY🎨 on Instagram: "This artist makes stunning edible jelly decorations! 🪷Using a special technique with syringes and tools, they inject colored jelly into a clear base to create intricate floral designs. These beautiful creations are not just eye-catching, but also completely edible. 🌸🌹🥰 (By yayayidiango on Doyin)"
there is a pink cake with flowers on it
Pink ombre cake
Pink ombre cake by My little cakes
many different colored flowers on a gray surface
Kerry’s Bouqcakes (@kerrys_bouqcakes) • Instagram photos and videos
a multicolored cake sitting on top of a white counter next to some curtains
Origami Cake Designer (@meruyert_nursila) • Instagram photos and videos
a woman standing in front of a multi colored cake
Origami Cake Designer (@meruyert_nursila) • Instagram photos and videos
a red cake with black and white designs on it is being cut by a knife
Shaikh Azharuddin Shaikh Noor on Instagram: "Cake carving 🤪🎂❤️ #cake #cakedecorating #cakedesign #cakeart"
a three tiered cake with gold and purple designs on it's sides, sitting on a table
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