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LIZ Eye Color Contact Lenses - 20 Colors



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Buy Blue Contacts & Blue Contact Lenses | EyeCandy's

Infuse the wondrous color of the ocean into your eyes. With EyeCandy's blue contacts, your eyes will sparkle like sunlight hitting the ocean waves. Blue is considered one of the most beautiful eye colors, but it's a largely recessive trait. If you're reading this, chances are you weren't blessed with blue eyes at birth. Though those sporting baby-blues may be perceived as innocent and naive, it is thought that blue-eyed people are immune to pain and can withstand long hours of discomfort…

GEO Starmish Brown

GEO Starmish Brown Prescription Colored Contacts Designed by fashion model Mai Hirose, these brown circle lenses from the Starmish collection sell like hotcakes in Japan! Their design features stunning, vibrant color to express the confidence and charisma of the fashionista who chooses to wear it. Lights, camera, action! You'll feel like a star when you step out in these gorgeous Starmish Brown contact lenses. They've got an amazing orangey brown color that will make your eyes glow…

Buy LILMOON 1-Day Color Contacts with Prescription | EyeCandy's

Ready for the ultimate #dolleyes? LILMOON color contacts are here! Originally designed by Rola, Japan's top model known for her elegant flair, these lenses are widely loved by beauty influencers and fashion magazine editors alike. These contacts feature deliciously light tones of grey, brown and hazel. Perfect for everyday wear, LILMOON contacts are the accessory you need to top off your favorite outfit or makeup look!

Geo Bambi Apple Green Color Contact Lens - Circle Contact Lens - Cosmetic Contact Lens - Colored Contacts -

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Sweety Batis Gray Original is a famous contact lens from thailand, you can find it on

Sweety Batis Gray

Have you ever wondered what it would be to have a different color of eye? Do so with Sweety Batis Gray colored contact lenses! They are in a gray color, which lends an air of mystery and intrigue to your inner self! Comfortable to wear and easy to apply and remove. Go gray for a day and see what your friends and family have to say! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : Base Curve (mm) 8.6 Made Korea Diameter (mm) 14,50 Water Content (%) 40 Duration (max.) 3 month Include Free Lenscase Size Plano till -6,00

Batis Spartax Graphite, is a Original contact lenses With Natural Motif like Solotica Lens from Brazil

Batis Spartax Graphite (NR)

Base Curve (mm) 8.6 Type No Ring Made Korea Diameter (mm) : 14,50 Water Content (%) 55 Duration (max.) 12 month Include Free Lenscase Size Plano (prescription out of stock) Batis Spartax Graphite No Ring, Natural Contact Lenses Batis Spartax Graphite No Ring, Natural contact lenses are everything natural circle lens lovers have dreamed about: have a 14.50mm diameter, with 8.6mm base curve, everyday-wearable colors, fuss-free disposable format, all with the superior comfort and quality from…

Soft Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses Shining in the Sun (Black)

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PPlens : Create an Account - Indie Pop Plum Blossom Beaux Yeux Cupcake Shining in the Sun Dandelion Four Canacsa Angel Eyes Sweet Pudding Moonlight Magic Dream Harajuku Storm Jade-Like Eye Sakura Leopard Eyes Rose Milkshake Lace Big Eye Girl Elegant Nymph Lolita Pineapple Leopard Stripe Blackberry Rum Chocolate Clear Eyes Moonflower Strawberry Yogurt Pure Eyes Rainbow Doll Fireworks Unaffected Style Miss CoCo Luxurious Fashion Alien Eye Glowing Cat's Eye Gemstone Choco Bellis Flowers Sweet…

Barbie Eye Super Nudy is a 16mm diameter contact lenses specially designed to promote truly big eye effect and having natural color blending in your eyes

Coloured Contact Lenses

We sell variety of colored contact lenses online. Circle lenses blend naturally with the eyes and creates a stunning bigger iris for charming expressive look.

Get Natural 3Tones colour cosmetic contacts lenses with natural color shades that blends well and bring out that natural looks of your eyes. Selling Low Prices
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TheDollyEye Colour Contact Lenses

Buy a variety of dollyeye colored circle lenses product with different colour series and lowest price offered right. Big Eye effect lenses.