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an animated scene shows two men in space suits, one with his hand on the other's hip
Captain Rex und Ahsoka Tano
the star wars are coming together
Star Wars fanart
a collage of pictures with people and animals in them, including a man wearing a hat
I guessed all of them at first I was about to say t-Rex but I realize that it was rex
some memes are showing the same character in star wars
multiple images of a man and woman in star wars with the sun setting behind them
KANAN: "Hera." HERA: "I told the commander the site is secure and operations can proceed." KANAN: "We're gonna be ok. You know that, right?" HERA: "You realize I know when you're lying, right? Whatever you're facing, I wanted us to face it together." KANAN: "We'll see each other again....I promise." (he gently gathers her in his arms as she sadly places her head on his chest."
Star Wars rebels
two pictures of the same character in star wars, one with an angry look on his face
an image of two avatars with text that reads, friends neighborhood mememan girlbos