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So true today at swim.....dang it how did that wall move!!!!!<<this is so me, I'm a beginning swimmer, and my flip turns are awful
Swim Team Quotes. QuotesGram


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Toilet Paper Saying No 246 Why Couldn't the TP Cross the | Etsy


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Just love these two!
When the heir of Downton Abbey (Mary’s fiance) dies on the Titanic, distant fourth cousin Matthew is found. Description from I searched for this on
'Don't make me go all Maggie Smith on you, Downton Abbey style.' #downtonabbey


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Mak'n this sign for the drive down Sandberry on party day...and bacon is "all that" ;)
Bacon Strips


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I'll save you a seat! Make a statement with this charming-meets-chic needlepoint pillow. Hand embroidered in wool and backed in luxe pink velvet, we've revived this Southern staple with sayings that are sure to get a smile.Measures 9" x 15" - small pillow, big statementEach of our needlepoint pillows take approximately 20 hours to hand stitch creating a very unique and special accessory for your home. They are guaranteed to spark joy and make the perfect gift!
For real!! Test me bitch
But I don’t need to with that ugly ass haircut!


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11. It's hard to feel bad about news reports of 200-car pileups in the South due to 1/2 an inch of snowfall when you have to dig a path to the barbecue that's only 3 feet from the back door.


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The Daily FAIL: 50 Memes to Help With the Morning Grind - Cheezburger
Epic citation. More
Ha! This is hilarious. I has found my Panda's official Greek god. lol.


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A Funny Birthday Card by Twisted Gifts. As it’s your birthday I thought it was about time I send you a dick pic. Enjoy. It would be hard to trump this birthday card !
Dick pic


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Gummy Bearskin Rug
great dad

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Mighty Warrior - loooool Gamer cat afraid of lil spidey
The GaMERCaT » Privy-see #Selfie
Sweet Moves - image

Gamer Cat

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Dump A Day golden girls funny quotes - Dump A Day
'Golden Girls' Moments That Are Timelessly Funny (14 Pics) - Cheezburger - Funny Memes | Funny Pictures


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#thepoolfactory Fun Fact - Anyone happy to have the summer heat for hanging out #poolside by your #abovegroundpool?
Who's got a #fitmom workout planned for the day?! Free recipes, workouts & fitness tips + tricks for MOMS:


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60+ Funniest Hump Day Memes to Survive Wednesdays
25 Best Funny Wednesday Memes & Hump Day Quotes To Get You Through The Rest Of The Week | YourTango

hump day

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Some military humor....every drill sergeant ever, lol
A Veteran Wall Sign
#INeedTravelInsurance Key: 4647121424

Military humor

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