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a black and white photo with the words we wanted to be adults so bad now look at us, we can't function without without coffee
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a quote that reads i used to think drinking a whole pot of coffee by yourself meant you have a problem now, i know it's called getting started
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an angry bird sitting next to a cup of coffee
i had so much coffee today that i had to turn down my tv because i couldn't taste my grilled cheese
a red poster with the words how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chunk drank 2 pots of coffee?
there's a lot of coffee in my blood when mosquito bite me, they fly faster
a drawing of a coffee cup with the words, i need a special braclet or something that will let people know if my coffee levels are too low
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a handwritten poem with the words i like to have a coffee and just see where the day takes me
a quote on coffee saying life is short go get that cup of coffee, get another cup of coffee, then get a third coffee because maybe the other two
a woman sitting on a green chair next to a fire place with the words nothing like a hot coffee on a cold day
I admit it. Any day and every day.