Backyard chicken farming

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a person holding a bird treat in their hand with the words, the easyest chicken treat recipe ever
Quick and easy chicken treats
chickens in their backyard with the words 10 toys for your backyard chickens on top of them
10 Toys For Your Backyard Chickens
Chickens love to get busy. They enjoy running around, scratching and pecking at things all the time. Now when they can't find anything that encourages those activities, they get bored. And when they do, it leads to unhealthy behavior which can cause serious health problems for your chooks...
chickens and hens in their backyard with the words 25 genius hacks for backyard chickens
Don't miss these absolutely genius hacks for raising urban chickens!
two chickens standing next to each other in front of a wall with colorful decorations on it
23 Clever DIY’s For People Who Raise Chickens
Here are some DIY’s that are simple for all chicken owners. From practical to toys, chickens will have a lot of fun playing with them – and you watching them being entertained!
a muffin tin filled with corn on top of a counter next to a facebook post
Neat idea
chickens are eating food out of a plate on the ground with text overlay that reads how to keep your chickens cool in the summer heat
a wooden swing set sitting on top of a grass covered field
a chicken and some bugs on the ground with text that reads 5 things that work for getting rid of flies in the chicken coop
5 Things That Work To Get Rid Of Flies In The Chicken Coop (& 3 That Don't!)
Candy Land Christmas, Mini Farm, Coop, Candy Land
there are many chickens hanging out in the chicken coop, and one is pecking at something
Chicken Run Playground
chickens are eating out of their feeders in the yard with text that reads, chicken table how to make a picnic table for your chickens free plans and directions
How to make a DIY "Chicknic Table" - Plans and step-by step directions to make a picnic table for your chickens