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Percy Bysse Shelley once wrote, “the cemetery is an open space among the ruins, covered in winter with violets and daisies. It might make one in love with death, to think that one should be buried in so sweet a place.”

Gardener's Desire

Gardener's Desire

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Prayer for Genealogists

Prayer For Genealogists “Lord, help me dig into the past, And sift the sands of time, That I might find the roots that made This family tree mine. Lord, help me trace the ancient roads, On which my fathers trod, And led them through so many lands, To find our present sod. Lord, help me find an ancient book, Or dusty manuscript, That's safely hidden now away, In some forgotten crypt, Lord, let it bridge the gap that haunts My soul, when I can't find The missing link between some name That…

Strangers In The Box - By: Pamela A. Harazim

STRANGERS IN THE BOX -Pamela A. Harazim "Come, look with me inside this drawer, In this box I've often seen, At the pictures, black and white, Faces proud, still, and serene. I wish I knew the people, These strangers in the box, Their names and all their memories, Are lost among my socks. I wonder what their lives were like, How did they spend their days? What about their special times? I'll never know their ways. If only someone had taken time, To tell, who, what, where, and when, These…

I asked the question last week: "Do you believe in Angels?" everyone that responded said "YES" in one form or another. I've been searching the answer to this for nearly 40 years. The following is a...

Belief in Angels (part 2)

I asked the question last week: “Do you believe in Angels?” everyone that responded said “YES” in one form or another. I’ve been searching the answer to this for nearl…

Francois Delaistre (1746-1832) Μουσείο Λούβρου

Έρωτας και Ψυχή - Cupid and Psyche

Μια φορά και έναν καιρό ζούσε μια πανέμορφη κόρη η Ψυχή. Η ομορφιά της ήταν ξακουστή και όλοι έμεναν έκθαμβοι μπροστά της. Τα πάμπολλα εγκώμια για την ομορφιά της έφτασαν και στα αυτιά της Αφροδίτης. Βλέποντας η Αφροδίτη ότι μια θνητή την ξεπερνά σε ομορφιά έφυγε ο Όλυμπος κάτω από τα πόδια της. Δεν κάθισε με σταυρωμένα χέρια και άστυλε τον Έρωτα να σημαδεύει με τα μολυβένια βέλη του κάθε άνδρα που πλησίαζε την Ψυχή ώστε να μην την ποθεί κανένας. Κάποια στιγμή ο Έρωτας εκτελώντας τις εντολές…

70 Funny inscriptions on tombstones. People whose sense of humor will live forever – Funnyfoto

Gatlinburg Cabins - Gatlinburg Chalets - Lodging in Tennessee

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Cleaning Old Gravestones | Courageous Christian Father

Cleaning Old Gravestones. Some care must be taken when you go to clean old gravestones. You must also take in consideration the type of gravestone used too.

An Angel Whisper. | Helena Moane | Flickr

An Angel Whisper.

Explore HMAMoane 11's photos on Flickr. HMAMoane 11 has uploaded 641 photos to Flickr.

Packing for the Cemetery: Genealogy Style

There are a few helpful items you should take with you to the cemetery when doing family research