cute maternity- love the outfit

cute maternity- love the outfit. This picture brings a tear to my eye. It's so peaceful and screams baby fever! And I'm already pregnant ya'll! Just beautiful:) <-- just realized I pinned this with the previous caption still on. I am not preggo.

cute maternity shot...

beach maternity photo ideas by Wild + Wee - i like the concept of the big hat and black dress!

homemade photo props for baby shower

homemade photo props for baby shower// this reminded me of when my mum put the diaper where an actual diaper goes 😭😂😂 I love her so much

cute maternity picture

baby boy bib cute name reveal maternity picture. baby quilt 8 comic book-inspired baby girl names.


Pregnancy: There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation. (with beautiful pic of pregnant women)

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