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Activities and kids crafts for your children! Here are some fabulous finds from the BEST kids & crafts bloggers on the internet! Rules for this board: max pins…
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a person holding up a book on top of a wooden table next to other children's artwork
Kayoi Kusama inspired art with kids
Yayoi Kusama is such a fantastic artist to inspire kids creativity. Before starting ths project, we read the story 'Yayoi Kusama covered everyhting in dots and wasn't sorry.'
Rocking Bottle Cap Leaf and Apple Craft For Kids (September Crafts/Autumn Crafts For Kids)
looking for some fun autumn crafts and back to school crafts for kids? Try this recycled bottle cap art and make your own rocking bottle cap apple and leaf craft with our free printable template. Follow Crafty Kids Play for more September Crafts, Reuse Crafts and DIY crafts for kids!
the 25 summer printables for kids
Discover 25+ Summer Worksheet Preschool Activities to Keep Learning Alive this Summer! 🌞📚 These fun and educational printables are perfect for engaging young minds during the summer break. Download these free resources from our Free Spanish Printable Library to keep your preschoolers entertained and learning. From coloring pages to number games, explore a variety of activities designed for home or classroom use. 🎨🖍️ #SummerLearning #PreschoolActivities #FreePrintables #SpanishForKids
the ultimate diy fort for kids
Ultimate DIY Forts - The Realistic Mama
Super Easy DIY Forts for Kids
colorful paper cut out houses are on the floor in front of paintings and pictures hanging on the wall
Collage Houses!
This is one of the fun kids art projects from the book 'Collage Workshop for Kids'. To create these houses, we used old wooden building blocks, colourful paper and glue. You will be inspired and delighted by 'Collage Workshop for Kids', a colorful art instruction book on collage techniques for children. Each chapter of the book explores a different art theme including nature, faces, construction, contrast, wearables and storytelling.
a girl with curly hair wearing a neon yellow t - shirt that says, diy t - shirt using astenci
DIY T shirt Using a Stencil
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the paper cut outs are next to markers and crayons on a wooden table
Yayoi Kusama Printable Activity Sheets
Create fun and easy art inspired by Yayoi Kusama with our printable activity sheets. Head to MINIMADTHINGS.COM to download your copy of the printable now.
child making butterfly wings Collage Butterfly, Craft Project Ideas, Craft Cupboard, Beautiful Wings, Crafts Activities, Kids Class, Creative Craft, Learning Ideas
Collage Butterfly Wings
Get creative and make your own beautiful butterfly wings. These beautiful wings are one of the project ideas from the kids craft book Adventures in Cardboard by Eleanor Ford. The book is full of creative craft project ideas all made with cardboard boxes, household recycling and simple art supplies.
an art project for kids to do with colored pencils and paper on a wooden table
Create easy Yayoi Kusama inspired pumpkins
Create fun and easy art inspired by Yayoi Kusama with our printable activity sheets. Head to MINIMADTHINGS.COM to download your copy of the printable now.
two people are drawing on white paper with blue adhesive tape and flowers in the background
Nature Shadow Drawing
By Samara Caughey Head over to our CRAFT BLOG to see my full book review and examples of projects we created inspired by Drawing Workshop for Kids >>> In Drawing Workshop for Kids, art educator Samara Caughey, founder of the highly praised family-centered art studio Purple Twig, shares drawing activities that
an indoor activity for winter with text overlay that reads 7 out - of - the - box indoor activities for kids
7 Out-of-the-box Indoor Winter Activities for Kids - The Realistic Mama
7 out-of-the-box indoor activities perfect for winter! Like moving the playground inside and going camping in the winter! Why not?! Maybe not a whole playground but why not a slide? Maybe don’t camp in the snow but why not set the tent up in your living r
various crafting supplies laid out on top of a wooden table, including markers and pencils
DIY City Building Blocks
We upcycled old wooden building blocks into fun houses to make a city using acrylic paint pens.
some art work is laying out on the table
Henri Matisse Printable Activity Sheets
Create art inspired by Henri Matisse with our fun and easy printable activity sheets. Perfect for homeschooling or use in an educational setting.
an art project with watercolors and paper on the floor
Natural plant pigment paint
Paint a beautiful rainbow with these natural plant pigment watercolour paint set! The Nawaro natural watercolour paints, presented in a durable metal case, are produced from natural raw materials, plant extracts and food colorants. The pale pastel shade natural colours on the paint pallet will transform into beautiful, vibrant colours when mixed with water. Combine the paints to make a rainbow of beautiful colours with which to explore your imagination and creativity.
three children are playing with sand and water on the sidewalk, while one child is holding an empty bottle
Matchbox Car Races, Family Reunion Game ideas #WaterGames #SummerFun
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