Quilting Ideas & Skills for People Who Love to Sew

Many quilting projects can be used as home decor and the quilting process provides a creative way to use your sewing skills.
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Versatile Quilting Technique
Learn how to quilt as you go using your home sewing machine. In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll see how easy it is to make your own quilts. This FREE quilt as you go tutorial has both video and pictures to help you succeed.
How to Fix a Damaged Quilt
Learn how to repair a vintage quilt. You can fix holes in an old quilt, repair damaged quilting, and remove stains.
Confidently display your quilts
Learn multiple ways to hang quilts on the wall whether it's a full-size quilt or a quilted wall hanging. After reading this post you'll have the knowledge of how to successfully hang your quilts no matter what size they are.
Safe and Accurate Cutting with Rotary Tools
A rotary cutter, a rotary cutting mat, and rotary cutting rulers are must-have tools for quilting and other sewing projects. Learn how to use a rotary cutter safely to get straight accurate cuts and tips to reduce aches and pains in fingers and hands.
How to make hanging tabs with quilts
Need some quilt hanging ideas? Using dowel rods is one of many creative ways to hang quilts. Hanging tabs for quilts is an effective method to use with dowel rods and display your quilts on a wall. The dowel rod and quilt tabs are a hanging combination that you can diy to match your home decor. Learn how to hang a quilt on the wall using dowel rods and tabs.
Everything you need to know about seam ripping
Need to unpick a seam? Seam ripping is something every sewist will need to do at some point. Learn how to use a seam ripper properly, seam ripping tips, and seam ripping hacks. No seam ripper? No problem. I'll show you some other ways to rip out seams as well as what to use to sharpen seam rippers.
Use triangles to hang quilts
Many would argue that triangle hanging corners are the best way to hang a quilt on the wall. Quilt hanging corners do work great for small quilts but there is another way to use triangles to hang quilts on the wall and display your medium and full-size quilts. Learn two quilt hanging ideas you can DIY with triangles and the different ways to attach them to your quilt.
How to make hanging quilt sleeves
There are different ways to hang a quilt on the wall. Quilt hanging sleeves are a common way to display quilts. Making a sleeve to hang a quilt is easy if you know what to do. Learn more than one way to make a sleeve to hang a quilt.
Learn many ways to hang quilts
Hanging quilts is a fantastic option for home decor. Learn how to display quilts on the wall. DIY quilt hanging ideas, curtain rods, and a quilt rack with shelf are just some of the display ideas that are shared in this comprehensive post on how to create the best quilt hanging system for you. You will be inspired to stop thinking about and start hanging quilts of all sizes.
What you need to know to iron successfully
Have you been wondering how to get rid of wrinkles in clothes, curtains or sheets, and in fabric for your sewing projects? Learn 5 things you can do that will help you successfully eliminate wrinkles and creases.
Best pins for sewing
Confused about straight sewing pins? This essential sewing pin guide will help you clear the confusion as you learn about the parts of a sewing pin, compare 10 different types of straight sewing pins, and learn about sewing pin cushions and caddies. Also included are sewing pin storage ideas, ways to efficiently use sewing pins to improve productivity, and safety tips. Alternatives to straight sewing pins are also revealed.
Smart ways to store fabric
If you're looking for fabric storage ideas to organize your stash, think about how to fold fabric to maximize the space you have. Whether your fabric storage ideas include organizing in small spaces, on shelves, in baskets it doesn't matter. Make the most of your available fabric storage space by learning how to roll and fold fabric in yards, fat quarters, and every size in between.
Organizing Ideas for Storing Fabric
Do you need ideas for storing fabric? See fabric storage ideas from real people. Learn how others are successfully storing fabric in sewing rooms, small spaces, and quilt rooms. Discover fabric storage ideas you can DIY, organize on shelves, baskets, bins, and filing cabinets.