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a helicopter sitting on top of an airport tarmac with the sun setting in the background
@TheRotorBreak posted to Instagram: Tell us your story of how and when you started flight training... 'The Rotor Break' recently published our newest "Day In The Life..." story, written by Instructor Pilot Chris Cox, and published on "The Rotor Break" blog. Thank you so much to Chris for sharing his experience and to SUU Aviation for the amazing images Check it all out at TheRotorBreak.com and of course, If you'd like to share your "Day In The Life" experience, simply get in touch to
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Everyday Stories of Helicopter Pilots From Around the World
Discover a “Day In The Life” from every conceivable part of the Helicopter Industry with the Rotor Break. We have stories from everyday Aircrew Professionals, from across the Helicopter Industry and around the world. Read more here!
a helicopter that is sitting in the grass with lightning behind it and two people standing next to it
A Day In The Life…Vertical Reference In Africa!
Our "A Day in the Life" series takes a look at the career of an anti-poaching pilot for the African Parks Network. Get a taste of what it’s like as a Vertical Reference Pilot in Remote Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
the back end of a black motorcycle parked on top of a parking lot at sunset
Lessons For A Flight Instructor!
A Robinson R44 at Sunset. Look here to hear from Erik Thresher, a full-time ambulance pilot.
a helicopter being lowered by a crane in the middle of a green field with trees and blue sky
Alan Stack speaks on his experiences as an Aerial Saw Pilot. Look here for the whole story!
the helicopter is parked on the snowy ground next to the firetruck and truck
Helicopter Pilot Career
How did I get here? Take a look inside my story of becoming a helicopter pilot.
a red and black helicopter flying in the sky
A Day in the Life…The International Ferry Flight!
As part of our “Day in the Life” series, the following is a day in the life like no other! Join us for an account of an international ferry flight from West Africa to Eastern Poland.
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Helicopter training
the book cover for 71 lessons from the sky
16 of The Best Books for Helicopter Pilots
Check out our list of all our favorite reads for helicopter pilots!
the back end of a black motorcycle parked on top of a parking lot at sunset
Lessons for a Flight Instructor
Safety First! Get a first hand look into the life of a Helicopter Flight Instructor as he shares insights on teaching, flying, and the lessons in between.
a man standing in front of a helicopter on the tarmac with his helmet on
Kmax K1200 Helicopter
Retired Navy Pilot, Phillip Sicard’s sharp wit and clever descriptions take us through his “Day in the Life” as a Defense Contractor in Afghanistan.
an upside down photo of a sky line with clouds in the background and a helicopter flying over it
Aerial Saw and MD500, taken from The Rotor Break Blog
Flying the Ferrari of the skies, the MD500D! Learn how this arial arborist positions his helicopter in just the right spot to trim the trees.
a man in an orange jacket is flying over the ocean
A Day In The Life...Offshore Windfarm Hoist Operations!
Hoist Operations to Offshore Wind Farms is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Helicopter Industry. When a boat isn't allowed...hire a helicopter pilot!