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there is a cake stand with cupcakes on it and an old record player
Vinyl Record Cupcake Stand Tutorial
the poster for that 70's party with an image of a man in a suit
70's Themed Invitation Inspiration!
a person writing on a record with a pencil
By a Pro: 100+ 60th Birthday Party Ideas by a Professional Event Planner
there are four candy lollipops on the white stand with gold and silver glitter
Sparkly Cake Pops
glowing party cups with the words glow party cups written in black and white on them
70s Party 1970s Party Glow Party Disco Party 80's Themed | Etsy
two black and silver records are stacked on top of each other with vases in the middle
Disco decorations 4 | Fundraising Directory
two silver candles sitting on top of a table next to some tinsel covered curtains
a woman standing in front of a disco ball with her arms crossed and the words 70's far out retro party planning tips
Far Out Retro 70's Party Planning Tips