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Minhas Artes/Mis Artes/My Arts

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Yansim X Disney (AU)

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Billais last kid
Older son of Cristal The Cat Tiger and Jeremy The Wolf
I tried

Wild Rivals: Next Gen

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Kurayami (Mephana Son) And Soney(Sonamy Daughter)
the hand below is from Ashton, my friend's character @benadryl_cucumbersnatch I hope you enjoy!

Soney Rose The Hedgehog

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Feliz Natal!!!!🎄🎁 Merry Christmas!!!🎁🎄 Feliz Navidad!!!🎄🎁

Disney Gen

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Hija de Ray The Flying Squirrel y Tania 'Anita' The Hedgehog
Hijo de ShauRouse
Hijo de Shaurili


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Yes, he is the son of White Blood Cell and Red Blood Cell He's called AE-4949 Because it's the sum of 3803 and 1149 Anyway, maybe I'll do more drawings of it, or even an AU.

Cells At Work AU

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I just made the shadows like the old one. The original mod belongs to Novatos Team. Mickey Mouse © Disney
my friend taught me a technique, and I decided to try it again, with the BF from Wednesday's Infidelity. Hope you like it! And I warn you, maybe I won't post because my classes are back on February 7th. And my phone is low on memory. BF©NinjaMuffin Wednesday's Infidelity ©Box Funkin' Mickey Mouse©Disney


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Alerta de spoiler: este dibujo futuro tiene una conexión con la historia de Sadist Gratch.
Adivina quiénes son tus padres. Los 2 primeros en acertar ganarán un dibujo mio.


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Ryder+Tanic. Rydanic? Tanyder? En el próximo dibujo, tal vez haga la historia de cómo Ryder consiguió su collar. O un dibujo de la versión humana de Sad Mouse o Genderbend, no sé. ¡Espero que te guste!
looks like the game has turned, doesn't it?
I will show more characters in adulthood later

drawings on paper/desenhos no papel

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Without VHS effects

Friday Night Funkin Next (Future AU)

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Parents of Luisa and Lucky Seafox
Luisa's seafox young brother

Luísa Seafox

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I'm addicted to Wednesday Infidelity. And in particular, this BF is one of my favorites. I also did a fandesign for him in Battered(cover). I called it Accelerant WI!BF. I'm redesigning again. And it all. Wednesday's Infidelity: Box Funkin
I don't remember the name of the original artist, if you know, please let me know. Rock And Sonia Belongs to Chaos Universe Toonsite Animation


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feat. Boshi Exetior The Hedgehog @g61445104
Look who's back! Speed ​​and Stormy! I decided to make this collab, because I don't know what to do. go I will upload it on Instagram too
Historia: Como saben, Jonathan está obsesionado con Stormy, por lo que decidió invitarla a salir. Stormy lo abofeteó y le preguntó: "¿No te avergüenzas, Jonathan? ¡Eres un obsesivo, por el amor de Dios! ¡Nunca saldría con un tipo como tú!" Y así como así, estaba roto el corazon. Suri vio eso y fue a ayudarlo. Es eso @g61445104


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When Frost was a kid, she was super shy. Until she met Anabelle(Sleepy_Killer300). Gradually, she began to lose her shyness and express herself better. Soon, they became best friends. @ThaisKiller300


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In Sonic X
I just edited... credits to Mizanploz for the Genderbend Mod and the creators of Minus Mod I was inspired by a drawing by Minus Boyfriend (Genderbend) and then I made Hopw You like
well, here's the version of Sylvania Castle's bad future but why not make the good version??

Edit & Recolors

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ask questions, send challenges! Faça perguntas, mande desafios! ¡Haz preguntas, envía desafíos!


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Gret the Green Sylveon

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Based on: Bloodstain(galantis remix)
Para @eliworld21556 , ¡Espero que te guste Redraw!
Today Sonic is turning 30! Congratulations! Thank you for being part of my childhood and the adolescence of many!💙 Sonic©SEGA ART By me


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Hope you like it!
Looks like Toonsite has launched a page of her comic!I liked Sonia's pose, so I decided to edit. When shr release Maria's part, maybe I'll edit it too. Hope you like the edit! Original comic and character©Chaos Universe Toonsite Edit© By Luisaseafox101, The New Chaos (Me)

Edits & wallpapers

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Fusion: Ryder + Tanic.


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Date: 16/01


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Fanarts, Art trades, Dtyis, & concursos(contests)

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Outros Ocs/Other Ocs

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Team Marsh & Team Walker

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