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the house is surrounded by palm trees and has an unusual roof that looks like it's floating on water
alexis dornier tops 'alpha house' in bali with sculptural, undulating roof
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Beautiful Bespoke Staircase Designs | SunStudio .London
Bespoke Staircase designs for your space If you want bespoke staircases like this built for you then hurry up and contact us! #Bespoke Staircases #Modern stairs
a metal tree with lights on it in the shape of a heart is shown against a white wall
a lamp that is hanging from the ceiling with wires attached to it's sides
How-tos: Creatives Uses of String Lights
a bathroom with a skylight and a bathtub
30 small bathroom design ideas
an octopus - like object is attached to a door handle
Archillect (@archillect) on X
a bathroom with two sinks and blue rocks in the water under them, along with a faucet
Designorientiert • GS Schmid - Heizung und Sanitär