Hair Transformation

Collection by Daniela Doll


A transformation is an extreme, radical change. A simple haircut won't cause a transformation in your appearance, but if you dyed your hair purple and got a tattoo across your forehead, that would be another story.

Daniela Doll
Low Fade For Short Pixie Cut ❤ A fade haircut, typically sported by men, is now very popular among women, as well. Who could think that women would gladly give up the length of their tresses for the sake of fashion? The trendiest cuts can be found here. Short Thin Hair, Short Grey Hair, Very Short Hair, Short Hair Cuts, Short Hair Styles, Super Short Pixie, Black Hair, Long Hair, Short Pixie Haircuts

The Fade Haircut Trend: Captivating Ideas for Men and Women

The fade haircut has become even more diverse to let all creative personalities show off their unique sense of fashion. Get to know the new variety!