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D&D NPCs - Used/Ready to Use

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This is a direct or remote binding to you or to a vessel through a photo that you already have in your possession. This process will take 24-48 hours. His name and information will be sent to you once the binding is completed. This is a direct binding to a young male Icelandic Elf..His name and info will be sent upon completion of binding. Artic Elves are very intelligent and clever when it comes to engineering.. They were by nature, inventors , who loved to work with developing various methodol

Niobe Followers

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ArtStation - Briseis, Reliah A. Szade

PCs (and associates)

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Mara Shops

3 Pins

Solis Shops

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Sevrin Mosta
Oswald Renorsk

Solis Hotels and Inns

2 Pins
Seraphine Ironfallow
Somer Lightgazer
Rowe Castelle

Solis Restaurants

4 Pins
Levy Brighte
Selas Arkenna
Zinnia Gaithier

Solis Bars and Lounges

4 Pins
Nalith Nossac
Valerie Goldleaf
Maks Dulli

The Rose

13 Pins
Curiosity River
Iz River
Zerrai Durastel

The Elysian

11 Pins
Argrath Bravefinder Kulanukena
Lozamea Darkfell
Calian Lorae

The Alley

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Owner of The Shaded Lantern -- Marvelle Duzan
Gold -- Zenyth Dalael
Gold -- Tia Khedel

The Shaded Lantern

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D&D Inspiration Mega Dump - Album on Imgur
Female Aasimar (Protector) -- Eldrea Bramnere

King's Court

30 Pins

Lumeria Followers -- Warlocks

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Meliana Harte
Chloe Foss

Lumeria Followers -- Clerics

7 Pins
Gale Redthorne -- Gale's Logging Company
Nerial Mistflare


2 Pins
Raven Hallow
Valindra Dyre
Morgan Brew

August's Group

8 Pins
Drone, Warforged Beast Master Ranger, Sarcastic, 11 y/o, 1/6 3/6 4/10 4/10
ArtStation - Medusa, _Z eD_

Random NPCs to Use

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[OC] DnD Commission - Half-elf Knight(?) : characterdrawing
#wattpad #fanfic La Era Media comenzaba, y los cuatro reinos mantenían la paz, bajo un Legado de Protección. Sin embargo fuerzas oscuras renacen de las cenizas del olvido y el mal. Lo que provocará que los tiempos de calma y armonía sean reemplazados por guerras y batallas para poder sobrevivir. Un fanfic de fantas...
Character inspiration | ghost writing writers block idea musician violin prompt

Ghost House

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Elkana's former partner
A quick drawing of Annatar/Sauron

Elkana's Organization

17 Pins

Elkana's Org -- Masks

17 Pins
Callimar Argith, 78
Narcelia Veladorn
Ilvaria Beltaulurr

Elkana's House

6 Pins
Sibille Bizetre, Human Conquest Paladin, 21, Rude -- Clothing Store
Sinclair Praeter
Audrey Parker


19 Pins
Marren Bloodward
Nicola Haventide
Clive Iscenson

Allencian Council

16 Pins
Ruven Rheko
Faila Agosto
Andraste Ethenne


39 Pins
Lydia Gloreh Kalashtar Necromancy Wizard Sarcastic; 28 y/o
Orville - The Deli Demon

Sam's Saturdays

30 Pins