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a man and woman in ugly sweaters playing with bottles
Funniest couples Christmas Candy Cane challenge 🤣🎄 | Funniest couples Christmas Candy Cane challenge 🤣🎄 #Christmas #couples #challenge | By LadBaby | Right, are you ready? Uh, yeah, go on. This is the candy cane game, okay? Right. What you do is you have your candy cane on the end of a piece of string between your legs, okay? You gotta dip down with your legs, hook a candy cane, like so, from the bucket. Right. You have to then scooch over and get it into the bottle. Like so. Two times. That's it. So you want to lift the candy cane. You gotta lift the candy cane get it in the bottle two times. Me versus you, I will win. Sorry, this is you you think this is hard. This is like a challenge then. Not a chance am I going to lose at this. Right. Now, watch me work. Right, hold on then. Right. Right. No cheating, Mark. Okay? On three, two, one. Oh my God. Hold on. Drop me down. Mate, I've got longer legs than you. This isn't fair. 30. Oh my gosh. Right out the way. Hold on. I just need a bit of room here. A bit of room. Squat one out. No way. No. No. You can't cheat like that. You've never said that. That motivated me. Right. Now you gotta get it in the hole. Okay. Get it in the hole. Right stop talking and let me get it in. Get it in the hole. It's in. It's in. No. You've cheated Mark. You've got to do it twice over. I have done it twice. That's not my fault. I can't get it in. Yes. She's coming up the rear. Come on boy. Get in there Ox. No no no. No way. Mine's on floppy. Why is mine floppy and yours is hard? I can get anything into a small hole mate. Going in. It's going in. No. No Stop. I was meant to win this. Why is it like going in? Go in. Go in. Go in. Please go in. My ball's too small. What? Does that count? No. What do you mean no? Do us a log drop. She's in. She's penetrating. You're still hooked. You're still hooked. My bottle must be smaller than yours. You've cheated on the bottle. For the head elf. It's not just one. She's a super elf. Super elf. Mate that is not in. Does that even fit? Does it even fit? Let me just blow my whistle. I won. See you later. Top elf See you went in with two and you're left with nothing. Don't try and be me at Christmas my friend.
a man sitting in front of a fireplace holding a box with a turkey inside it
What's in the Box- fun group game!
What's in the Box- fun group game! - A girl and a glue gun
Do yourself a favor and play this at your Christmas party this year
two people standing around a table with plates and bowls on it, one person wearing blindfolds
TikTok · I Am Jaritza💋
several wrapped presents with ribbons and tags on them
Black Friday Sale Round Up
a wreath with pine cones and ribbons hanging from it's side on a door
a christmas wreath with pine cones, oranges and greenery on a dark background