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there are many different items on the table with markers and pens in glass cups,
Lines, Dots and So Much More!
Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: Lines, Dots and So Much More!
an assortment of wooden spoons on a tray with paper and other crafting supplies
Inquiring About Insects
Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: Inquiring About Insects
the title for how to prepare for inquiry based learning with scissors and pencils
Planning for Inquiry Based Learning
Preparing to use Inquiry Based Learning in the classroom can be a daunting task. Learn how to plan and prepare to use inquiry with your students in science or social studies.
an assortment of autumn leaves are displayed on a table next to a book and other items
Nature Collected and Explored
Fall Leaf Provocation: "Can You Make a Pattern?" (from Inquiry Spaces & Wondering Places)
a table topped with lots of different types of rocks and paper on top of it
Every rock has a story...Our new inquiry!
Wonders in Kindergarten: Every rock has a story...Our new inquiry!
a bulletin board with many pictures on it
Wonders in Kindergarten
Plant Inquiry Documentation
a toddler sitting in front of a window with the words how to observe and document with
How to Deepen Your Child's Understanding of the World Around Them - Team V Education
How to deepen your child's understanding of the world around them. Observe & document with children! Children seem to notice everything around them and share an excitement that can even be overwhelming at times. Use these tips for observation and sketching to help children to see and understand their world as it functions.
a poster with the words project based learning in different colors and font, which are used to
Amplifying Artists and Musicians of Color
Sometimes, we're using project-based learning and sometimes, we're just doing projects. Our resident PBL expert and director of eLearning, Brianne Gidcumb
an advertisement for the project based learning in your classroom is displayed on a white background
Project Based Learning: Picking A Topic You Like
Picking a topic you (the teacher) like is a great way to step into Project Based Learning.
a book shelf filled with books and papers
Beginning a Project: How to Plan
Beginning a Project: How to Plan | Reggio Inspired, child-led, project based approach to learning | Bambini Travel
a child's play table with various colored beads and plastic straws in it
Inquiry based learning is a personal and professional passion of mine. On this page, I will explore the term 'inquiry based learning', talk about the educational rewards associated with this type of...
a white board with writing on it that says holidays around the world
Holidays Around the World: Little Kindergarten Social Studies Thinkers
Teaching Holidays Around the World in Kindergarten.
a display case with some drawings on it
Tower Inquiry
As part of our Math and Science Investigations (M.S.I) time in Kindergarten, our students explored a tower inquiry (In a previous post I wrote about Math and Science Investigations (M.S.I.) and how…
the differences between teacher - planned experiences and the project approach
Differences between teacher-planned activities and the project approach
a bulletin board with pictures and words on it that say, this week we are learning to
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