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a camera sitting on top of a wooden table with the words photography for beginners
Photography for Beginners: Series Introduction
Photography for Beginners: Series Introduction via @clarkscondensed
three people looking up at the stars in the night sky with text that reads settings
A beginner's guide to shooting the stars — HANNAH PREWITT PHOTOGRAPHY
Star photography settings for beginners just learning or new to night photography. #nightphotography #starphotography #nightphotographystars
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts
A Beginners Guide to Manual Photography | Chasing Departures
Taking photos on manual mode isn't as hard as it sounds. I promise! With a little practice and not giving up, you be snapping photos like the pros in no time! #photography #phototips #photographyguide #travelphotography
the camera settings are displayed in several different pictures, including an explanated button
Camera Settings Explained
Ever wonder how to capture images like a professional photographer with the camera you have? Are your camera settings wrong? Do you want to blog like a blogger but photograph like a photographer? This is my 3rd Post in the Photography Tips for Bloggers series.
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts
Photography Basics: Shooting in Manual Mode — Haley Ivers
Photography Basics: How to Master Manual Mode — Haley Ivers
a pink and white flyer for an event with the words shoot in manual mode on it
a woman taking pictures with her camera and the words, 50 incredible photography tips & tricks
50 Incredible Photography Techniques and Photo Tutorials — Smashing Magazine