Obleas Colombianas

Obleas This typical sweet from Bogotá is simply addictive! Big crunchy waffles that are filled with creamy arequipe or dulce de leche.

Receta de Salpicón de Frutas en español

Salpicón de Frutas Colombiano

Arepas de Plátano Maduro

The Arepa is one the most popular foods in Colombia and Venezuela. The most common arepa in Colombia is made with corn flour ), however, we also make them with

Receta de Pastel Gloria |mycolombianrecipes.com

Pastel Gloria

Pastel Gloria (Guava, Dulce de Leche and Cheese Pastry) These flavors for a wedding cake

Colombian Style Stuffed Meatloaf (Albondigón Colombiano) |mycolombianrecipes.com

Colombian Style Stuffed Meatloaf (Albondigón Colombiano)

This delicious Albondigón is a traditional Colombian dish. I grew up watching my grandmother and my mom rolling this meatloaf at least once a week.