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several small coasters with hello kitty designs on the front and back covers, all in different colors
a notebook with minnie mouse and hearts on it
Doodles, Kawaii, Organisation, Asdf, List, Resim, Tekenen, Kunst
an open notebook with drawings and writing on the pages that says, zodiacs are born in december
an open book with unicorns and stars on it
a piece of paper with the words bioogia written on it and some leaves
5 ideas en caratulas para cuadernos de secundaria
a piece of paper with blue and white origami airplanes flying around the world
Ideas Para Marcar Cuadernos
a notebook with an image of a dragon and the word caligrafa on it
an open notebook with the word matentica on it
an open notebook with the words appunts written on it and various school supplies
the back cover of a book with different colored letters and numbers on it, in spanish