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65 Winter Nail Art Ideas

Wonderful looking black and white French tip. Partner this classic French tip with a light blush color as the base. Source Tap the link now to find the hottest products for Better Beauty!

Instagram photo by @madahsantana (By Madáh Santana Nail Art) | Iconosquare

// The orange nail polish being used right now is so soft and wonderful. Whoever did this manicure is a professional because the nails are painted perfectly. I don't see a single imperfection here.

Diseños de Uñas de color Gris 5

26 Diseños de Uñas de color Gris

A strong looking nail art design with matter dark gray polish plus white polish under a series of black and dark gray animal prints painted on top.

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11 Cool Tattoo’s That Anyone Can Rock

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11 Cool Tattoo’s That Anyone Can Rock

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