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How did I not know about this?! 😲🍎 | How did I not know about this?! 😲🍎 | By Kyle & Mistie | So, I've got my cinnamon rolls here and I place that right into my muffin cup and then I kind of smash it down with my fingers because this is going to be the crust of our little mini cakes. This one is one you're going to be wanting to try right away. I've already got my other cinnamon rolls in here. We'll place this last one into the muffin cup. Use your fingers to kind of spread it out and you almost make a little cup with the cinnamon roll. Just like that. Spread it out and now we're going to take apples. I've already opened it. Let me show you my little trick with the can opener. Do you know that's what that was for? No. Ain't that nice? So, I'm using this kind of apple pie filling. Looks so good and now you're going to place some in each cup. So, right now, we've got cinnamon rolls on the bottom. Apple pie filling inside of that. This is already looking so delicious but there's going to be a surprise. We've got a couple other layers to go on top of these cups. Okay. And I cannot wait to show you. One of them is going to surprise you for sure because you wouldn't think it would work but it does. Alright. So, we've got our apples in each one. What do you think is going to come next? Got any guesses? Well, I I happen to know because I can peek. Well, what about our viewers? They have any guesses from there? A lot of hearts flying in. Thumbs up. I'm live. So, seems to be pretty excited about this. Alright, put a couple more apples in that last one and then I think we're ready to move on to the next ingredients. Now, I've already used my cinnamon rolls. You can see those on the bottom. We've used some apples and now, I'm going to add some pecan chips. Okay. Now, you could add whatever kind of nuts you like. It could be walnuts but I think pecans go really well with these apple cinnamon cups. Just sprinkle em right on top. There we go. And then after we do our pecans, we're going to add something else that's going to be super yummy. What's that? That is some caramel syrup. Now, this is Sunday syrup. You actually get this to put on top of your ice cream sundaes. Okay. But I like to use it in different dessert recipes like this and you're just going to drizzle it right on top but we haven't gotten to the good part yet. Okay, what's the good part? I'm going to start here and just drizzle a little bit of our caramel. There we go. Go down the line. Beautiful. Now, this is caramel. Am I saying it right? I know there's different ways to say it. Caramel, caramel. Caramel. Caramel. Where you from in the in the US if you say caramel. I I'm from the South originally, Mississippi actually and we say caramel. Now, this is the fun part. Right now, we've got our cinnamon rolls on the bottom with some apple slices, pecans, and caramel and this is where it gets a little bit crazy. That's just cake mix. We're going to take some of our vanilla cake mix. I'm using a spoon actually and we're just going to spoon it on top of each one of these. Dry cake mix. I'm not kidding you. Dry cake mix. Okay, that's bizarre. You just wait. This is going to be really good because there's another ingredient that I place on top of the cake mix that makes this work. You do not mix it in. If you mix it, it will not work. This is kind of like a dump cake recipe. You've seen me make dump cakes before where you just dump everything on and then it magically bakes into these yummy desserts. This is like a dump cake but it's in muffins instead. Questions from anybody? Nope, we are live by the way. So, say hi and we'll give you a shout out. Happy birthday tomorrow. We've got. We're celebrating a birthday. Oh, I just lost their name right now. Oh, happy birthday. Patricia. Patricia's celebrating a birthday. We got. Can you get me some butter? Happy birthday, Patricia by the way. Butter is in the fridge so I can grab you some butter right here. Okay. Get that out. There you go. Some butter. Now, this is the magic ingredient I was telling you about. I've got my cake mix on here and you want to have an even spread on each one and I'm just going to try to press it down with my spoon and then you're going to you take a slice of these each one of these butter slices and then you're going to put it right in the center because when this bakes the butter is going to melt and spread all over the cake mix. And then it actually forms like a layer like a crust almost. Oh, I see. That's weird. Alright. And this is why you do not need to mix the cake mix because if you mix it, it's not going to work. You want it just like this and you can see how these slices of butter are nice and thick. We want em to be a little bit thicker than usual because that when the butter melts will spread all over the top of our muffin cup and if you're wondering where I get these nice little liners, people are always asking me in the comments. Where'd you get these? I think we got this on Amazon, right? I did. You don't have to use this. You could use just a regular muffin tin. I'm about to pop this in oven wait you forgot about the topping that's going to be for that one actually oh okay we've got another recipe coming right after this when I pop this in the oven we're going to show you something else but I wanted to let you know what's inside of here before we put it in the oven we have a cinnamon rolls on the base and then our apples just in case you're joining now catching you up caramel syrup and pecans pecans or pecans pecans I don't know I think it's pecans there's so many different ways to say it and then we topped it with our vanilla cake and one slice of butter just like that alright this is going to go in the oven and it's going to be delicious and you're going to see this start to work already this butter is going to melt it's going to form that crust on top and while that's cooking I've got something exciting for you over here now it is Thanksgiving today so we're going to do something with some pumpkin alright I'm excited about this one and we even found a use for some candy corn as well so we've got our biscuits this is one of these grand's biscuits I've already taken out I'm going to cut it half because we're actually going to use this as the base of our little pie. We're actually going to make a pie and our waffle iron and it's going to happen in about one minute, two minutes tops. I'm not kidding. If you've seen any of my videos, you know I do this a lot and they're so fun to use biscuits in this way. If you want to make an individual pie, this is how you do it and you only need a waffle iron. If you got George Foreman Grill, that would probably work too. Where's everybody from? I want to give some shout outs. We're from Las Vegas right now. We've got Canada in house. Hi, Canada. New York. Just people from all over. All over. Right in the pan. Well, we got lots of people watching from all over. Fun. Frankie's from Nebraska. Happy Thanksgiving Day, Jeff says. Uh my blood sugars just went to the roof, Donna says. Well, Donna, I never said this was going to be a healthy one. This is actually going to be a special treat that you're going to have to indulge in. I'm going to use this as the base of our little pie, okay? And this is just an individual single serving. We're going to make pumpkin pie and our waffle maker. No kidding. You take your your 100% pure pumpkin about a spoon of it There we go. Now, this is not going to, this is going to, it's okay if it gets a little messy because this one's going to go on the waffle iron. Happy Thanksgiving, Emily. Hey, Emily. Is that Emily from Nova Scotia? Emily Pickford. I am thankful for you guys. Seriously, we have so many people that join us all the time and are here for the videos and you know what? I am really thankful for those of you that get the jokes, okay? There is some of some of the videos that we do are skits just for fun and you guys know that they're just for fun. So, thank you for getting the jokes. Add some pumpkin pie spice. There we go. This is really good stuff. Okay. Alright and remember we used the cinnamon rolls from earlier. Yup. I've saved the icing from the cinnamon rolls. This is going to get glazed on top of our little pie that's going to be made in the waffle iron. I'm going to take my second half of my biscuit, my buttermilk grand's biscuits. Slice it in half and that's going to go on top. So, we've got pumpkin pie filling with pumpkin pie spice Make a little. Yeah. It's like a little pumpkin pie tart. Alright. Alright. Now, this is where it gets a little bit crazy. We always like to try experimental things here, right? Things that maybe you wouldn't have thought to try. We test it out and see if it's going to work. Well, that's what we're going to do. We already know this is going to be good. This is pumpkin pie in a waffle iron but you know what? We're going to make it look pretty with some candy corn. We're going to actually make a design on it and then in the waffle iron. Uh I wonder how that's going to look. It's going to look really cool. I don't know yet. This This will be exciting. I wonder how I wonder if the colors will stay in place or they'll run all over. It's going to be interesting to see what happens. How's that? That's great. Perfect. Okay. So, there we go. Press that down. Oh, don't touch the waffle iron. That's going to hurt. Alright, I think we're ready. We've got everything in there. Our biscuits, our pumpkin pie, and our pumpkin pie spice right inside here. I think it's time to close it up. Alright. I'm nervous. Me too. You think this one's going to work? Do you have the we have our our prediction? I think so. Alright. Close it up and let's see. Here we go. Oh my god. I hear it. Oh my god. Alright. I think that's the candy corn going crazy right now. I got the eight ball ready for you. So, we have a way of predicting if our experimental recipes will turn out good or not and that is with our mandigate ball. Alright. We're going to see is this one going to be good? I already know this one's going to be good. I'm going to let you take a peek already. We've got, you see how the butter's melting on top of that dry pink. Oh, it's good already. That's why you just use the dry pink mix. It forms a crust. It's almost like a cobbler on top. Awesome. Alright. Is this one going to be good or not? What do you all think? Mm hmm. Do it this. It is certain. Yay. Because it is certain. This one is going to be good too. Alright. We got a pumpkin pie baking in the waffle. We pretty much invented this part right here adding the candy corn on top. It's the experimental part. Yes. This one is going to be good. Alright, the magic apple has spoken candy corn on top of it. It's going to be delicious. And if you're just joining, I want to remind you what we got in the oven right over here, alright? We have got a base of cinnamon rolls. Okay. In our muffin cups, alright? You just form a little cup with your fingers. Then you place some yummy apple pie filling. I use this one because it does not have a lot of added sugars. It's definitely the best option if you wanted to be fancy and use your own fresh apples. You could do that. Okay. I added some sundae syrup. Well, today's not Sunday though. Does it still count? Okay. That is that is I'm not even going to entertain this dough. Alright. And some pecans. Pecan chips. Pecans, toasted pecans actually. Okay. Right on top of it and then we layered our vanilla dry cake mix and then you just place one slice of butter. You just I'm going to show you in there. I'm going to open it up. Oh, open it up. Get a little sneak peek. Ooh, the butter is melting already. Can you see how it's spreading all over the top? We got a lot of hearts flying in right now. It's going to form a crust and I already know that this is good because I already made one for you and I'm going to pull it out of the oven and show you. Oh, that's the it's hidden in the secret. Right here, I'm going to pop it out. Show you the finish. Alright, let's get let's get this waffle maker up and running. Let's see. See how this one's turning out. Now, when you make this little individual pies in the waffle iron with your biscuits or your cinnamon rolls, they only take about a minute or two to cook. So, was probably almost done. Can I see? So this was an addition that was experimental. Did it not work? I I it's a little too soon to tell them. Alright hold on. Do we even have a oh my goodness. Okay I got I got my I need my good tongs. Your good tongs? Okay. I love these tongs. Got it. They're so fun. Okay. Does that mean we should. Uh oh. I see some this is not normal. I think I think that oh gosh. You guys I think that this is a bad idea. Oh it looks so pretty with the candy corn on top. Candy corn. Okay, so we're going to take that in just a second. I'm going to go ahead and pull out our finish. Oh my gosh. Yeah, it doesn't. Oh my gosh. Okay, so. That did not work. The candy corn stuck to the top of it. If I had not added the candy corn, it would've worked. I told you to add the candy corn on this one by the way for the record. No. That was my, I did it. Did I or did I not say add the candy? These are apple. We don't need it on apple. Let's show em the finished product. You guys ready to see it? Alright. Pull it out. Here we go. Now, when you let that bake. Well, when you let that bake, this is what you end up with. That's what you're going to get. Yeah, don't do this recipe by the way. This did not turn out that well. This would be good. Just don't add the candy corn. Oh gosh. Alright, here we go. I'm going to take it out. These these were pre baked and these act these are pumpkin filled with candy corn on top. That's why you're seeing the design but those that we just made for your with apple, alright? And these, what's great about these little muffin cups is that they just slide right out. Look at this. This is our cinnamon roll. I'm going to slice it so you can see what we got in there. Yeah, definitely. Cinnamon roll. This is just the dry cake mix on top with the butter and there's a little bit of pumpkin in there. Your different layers. See you can see the layer of pumpkin. This is going to be what this becomes but with your apples and your cinnamon filling. I do not recommend the candy corn but biscuit pies are still. They can't all be winners. Thanks for joining guys. Oh my gosh.
Kyle & Mistie - HOW did I not KNOW about this?! 😲🍎