Best Nature Wallpapers

Collection by Elmie K


These are wonderful free high-resolution wall-papers that I wanna share. They are available in wide range on sizes. Just click on the pin, pick your screen size and do "Save Image As." Then open saved image and "Set as Desktop Background."

Elmie K
Cliffs 320x480 wallpaper
Beach WallpaperNature WallpaperBeautiful SunsetBeautiful BeachesBeautiful World


Cliffs wallpaper | Blue sunset wallpapers

Deep Silence 320x480 wallpaper

Deep Silence

Deep Silence wallpaper | Winter wallpapers

Sun ray in the woods 320x480 wallpaper

Sun ray in the woods

Palm Tree Sunset 320x480 wallpaper

Palm Tree Sunset

Rabbit Ears Pass 320x480 wallpaper

Rabbit Ears Pass

Rabbit Ears Pass, Rocky Mountains, Colorado

White young rose 1280x960 wallpaper

White young rose

White young rose wallpaper

Lion thinking 1600x1200 wallpaper
Hard Would You RatherWould You Rather QuestionsThis Or That QuestionsFall Wallpaper

Lion thinking

A beautiful lion photo

Pink Roses 320x480 wallpaper

High resolution Desktop Wallpapers

Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain 320x480 wallpaper
Colorado MountainsDry RiverUniversity Of Colorado

Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain

Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain, Colorado

Funny White Kitty 640x960 wallpaper
Animals BeautifulCute AnimalsCute KittensI Love Cats

Funny White Kitty

Funny White Kitty wallpaper | Baby Cat HD wallpaper

sunset-between-trees 1280x960 wallpaper
West YellowstoneNational ParksNature WallpaperLive Wallpapers


Pink rose 320x480 wallpaper

Pink rose

Butterfly in Flight 1280x960 wallpaper

Butterfly in Flight

Butterfly in Flight, Costa Rica

Rose Shot 1440x900 wallpaper

Rose Shot

Rose blow up

Kitty grimace 1280x960 wallpaper

Kitty grimace

Kitty grimace wallpaper

purple-flowers 1440x900 wallpaper