Telefónica tower, Madrid A large structure like a matrix, supports all the floors until reaching a height of more than 350 meters.

Paul Rudolph

A presentation drawing of Art + Architecture Building by Paul Rudolph. Art and Architecture Building, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, Partial exterior perspective. From MoMA collection.

Le Corbusier's High Court in Chandigarh

Entrance to Punjab High Court building, designed by Le Corbusier, in the new capital city of Indian Punjab, Chandigah.

Le Corbusier, Unite d'habitation, 1945, Marseilles

Le Corbusier Playground I'm fascinated by this rooftop concrete kindergarten design by le corbusier-- wanna learn

Le Corbusier, Unitè d'Habitation garden roof, playground

Children playing on the roof terrace of Le Corbusier's Unité d'habitation in Marseille, France, c. 1959 via Magnum Photos