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the face of a man in yellow shirt with his hand on his face and another image behind him
71 Funny Dad Memes for Father's Day or When Your Dad Needs a Laugh
a cartoon character with an angry look on his face, and the caption reads actual picture of me throwing away old toys while my kids are gone
19 Funny Photos That Will Make Sarcastic Moms Nod In Approval
the words i'm sorry i didn't answer my phone when you called i don't use it for that
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a pink background with the words i've read that being a mom means wf to yourself daily
Funny Quotes : 25 Funny Quotes That Are Pretty Relatable - The Love Quotes | Looking for Love Quotes ? Top rated Quotes Magazine & repository, we provide you with top quotes from around the world
a quote that reads, i wonder what my kids are going to tell their kids it was
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a person in a mask sitting on a bed with the caption, when you wake up and your kid is staring at you from the side of the bed like
40 Memes That Perfectly Capture the Struggle That Is Life With a Toddler
a quote that reads if parenthood has taught me one thing it's that it is possible for a kid to shower for 40 minutes without actually getting clean
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a black and white photo with the words momma on it, in front of an image of a bear
Perfection Pending by Meredith Ethington
a poster with the words dinner time on it
“I’m Full… Can I have a snack?” Solution to all-day snacking - Your Modern Family