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[Infographic] Social Media Marketing Is Not Just About 1 Metric!

[Infographic] Social Media Marketing Is Not Just About 1 Metric!

The Engagement Rate is the best metric for benchmarking performance but social media analytics offer much more!

"Instagram Analytics: The Metrics That Matter" -- Click through to see some of the top hashtags that drive engagement, what kinds of engagements can happen, and Instagram advertising.

Instagram Analytics: The Metrics That Matter

Are followers more important than comments and likes? This post will walk you through the Instagram analytics metrics that really matter for your brand.

"10 examples of social media ROI" -- Although it's from 2013, these are still good case studies of social media helping the bottom line. Click through for more details on each.

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Does social media drive ROI? Here's how 10 companies successfully used social media marketing initiatives and measured their success.

Decision-making Cycle of Connected Consumers:  "...[who] follow an elliptical pattern where their next steps are inspired by the insights of others, and their experiences are, in turn, fed back into the cycle to inform the decisions of others."  From "The End of Business As Usual: Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution" by Brian Solis.  There's a real need to listen to consumers and understand this process before any real attempt to measure social media success is…

Social media is about social science not technology - Brian Solis

In 2007, I wrote an article entitled, “Social Media is About Sociology Not Technology.” It’s a statement that after five years (and counting), I thankfully continue to see shared every day on Twitter. As time passed and experience matured, I amended that statement to now read, “Social media is about social science not technology.” Why did I change such a powerful statement? I believe that it is not only stronger now, it is also truer. See, sociology is just one...

Marketing measurement checklist ... social and otherwise.

The Marketing Measurement Checklist - Infographic

Infographic: Social Media Holiday Purchases -- From 2011, but still interesting findings "that social media has been a key driver of Christmas gift purchases..."

Infographic: Social Media Holiday Purchases

Here's an interesting Christmas shopping themed infographic that shows the power of social recommendations around the holiday season. Mr. Youth, a word-of-mouth marketing firm, surveyed around 4,500...

Fifty Shades Of Social Media Measurement Tools

Fifty Shades of Social Media Measurement Tools

Five categories of social media measurement tools based on what they are used for and who uses them.

"10 Social Media Tracking and Analytics Tools" -- This is from April 2012 and I have not clicked through, much less tried, all of these, but it's a nice round up. -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspdesign website Resources and Information.


Super Bowl 2014 social media analytics -- "Most Social Buzz About Super Bowl Ads Was On Facebook, Via IPhones"

INFOGRAPHIC: Most Social Buzz About Super Bowl Ads Was On Facebook, Via IPhones

There were 650,757 posts on Facebook Sunday related to Super Bowl ads, compared with 583,152 tweets, and Budweiser was the most discussed advertiser, while the most engaging advertiser was GoDaddy, according to statistics from social marketing platform Engagor.

Google Analytics Launches New Social Reports To Measure Social ROI.  Mar. 20, 2012

Google Analytics Launches New Social Reports To Measure Social ROI

Google Analytics has announced new social reports today, designed to help marketers measure the return on investment for social media activities. "Many

"In Pictures: Best tools for social media analytics -- How to tell if your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn efforts are paying off"

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Best Social Media Management Software in 2020 | G2

Today G2 Crowd released the first-ever crowdsourced rankings of the best social media monitoring software.