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Square Turquoise Big Byrd Knife
Santa Fe Stoneworks Ironwood Knife + Turquoise
turquoise pocket knives - Google Search


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Great fall and winter wardrobe for homesteaders, farm girls or country girls!


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Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value. #MotivationMonday


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Get started with homebrew by having a few basic supplies and making use of all the flowers, weeds, and fruits growing right in your own backyard.
Just take me there and let me be.
How to make pumpkin wine. Classic spices and a little creativity come together in an usual pumpkin recipe that's sure to be a conversation starter at any table.


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I spent some time earlier this year researching the Great Depression years and was most interested in even the smallest life lessons to be gained from those “worst hard times.” Here are 65 of them.
Advice About Oil Lamps
How to make an oil lamp. This oil lamp is a little different since it's filled half with water and half with olive oil (you can use other oils too). Great project for emergency lighting!

Homestead Emergencies

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How to Boil Maple Syrup at Home  also looks like a cool site fr other homestead ideas
always wanted to make maple syrup!
How to Make Maple Syrup - From tapping the trees and gathering the sweet sap to bottling your syrup, using it in recipes and making maple cream.

Maple Sugaring

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The Herb Society of America New Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses by Deni... 9780789480316 | eBay

Homestead Library

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There's no need to take your clothes down to the river and beat them with a rock. There are many ways to wash clothes without power that are fairly easy.
How to wash clothes with a Washboard - Pioneer Living Survival
Michael Perdriel fashioned a manual clothes washer that could be used by those in developing countries, but its low-tech design makes it indispensable for people in developed countries who dream of going green and off the grid. It requires no electricity or running water, and it cleans a load of clothes in 20 minutes. Interested in making one?


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Rain water harvesting system hidden by a Greenscreen
How to Make Your Own Rain Barrel
8 Off Grid Water Systems for Homestead that are Actually Usable

Water Sources

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23 Ways To Live Like The Amish: One Ash Homestead

Simply Life

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If you want to live off the grid, you'll need to acquire some appliances that don't require electricity to work. Here are some recommendations. #offgrid #offthegrid #homesteading #kitchensupplies #homesteadkitchen
Cast Iron Tortilla Press, 8" | Sur La Table


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How to Build a Depression Era Pantry- Go back to basics with these frugal depression era tips. You will save money and stock your pantry with whole foods.


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Want a natural alternative to chemical-filled bug sprays? Here's a recipe for natural fly repellent you can make in your own kitchen - today. From FrugalChicken

Pest Control

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Chickens aren't the only barnyard bird around. If you're looking to branch out in your homesteading you really should consider if turkeys, ducks, geese or guinea fowl are right for you. #homesteading #guineafowl #barnyardflock #raisinggeese #raisingducks
Learn about Keeping Dairy Goats for fun and profit!
Your List of Heritage Turkey Breeds For the Homestead

Animals & Live Stock

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Homesteading and Sustainability| Survival Life
5 Lost Survival Lessons I Learned from the Amish - The author presents some great lessons to be learned from the Amish. These societies hold onto ancient knowledge that should never be forgotten. In our world today it may seem like knowledge that doesn't go very far or seems irrelevant but its far from that.
Homesteading for the long term requires some unique skills & the attitude to make it work, it's all about homesteading for sustainability.::

Homestead Skills

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How to Make Pasta Shapes at Home - Easy tutorial. Learn how to make pasta at home without any special tools. Tagliatelle, farfalle, pappardelle, angel hair pasta, fusilli and many more |

Cooking from Scratch

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walk in cold storage room in your basement building guide, basement ideas, closet, diy, how to, shelving ideas, storage ideas, woodworking projects, Walk in Cold Room in my basement See how to build it
Miniature Root Celler

Root Cellar

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This homemade goat cheese is simple to make! Anybody with a thermometer and an hour of time can do it. No special cheese-making kit or rennet is required, making it an ethical vegetarian chèvre you can crust however you like. And best of all, even with store bought ingredients, it's super frugal--less than half the cost of buying it ready made!
Learn all about the ingredients you need for making cheese at home.
How to Make Cream Cheese: yes-- you really can make cream cheese at home! and it's easier than I thought!


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Four Non-Electric Appliances for Every Kitchen - Plan to Eat - Plan To Eat


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"Chicken Coop sign - 'Beware of Tiny Raptors'. This sign measures approx. 5\" x 10\" - slightly larger with the frame. It is painted a cream color with matte black lettering and graphic. Each sign comes with a metal sawtooth hook. Since this sign is meant to hang on a chicken coop, we've sprayed it to seal the wood and paint against the elements. All the wood used in our projects is from trees harvested from our land. The trees are cut down and hauled to the sawmill on our property to be made in

Backyard Chickens

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The beehives with their winter surround of protective hay bales
beehive stand | Hive Stand


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homemade peppermint extract - something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I've got a bunch of vanilla extract almost done - this is next!
Free printable labels for your homemade vanilla extract.
Homemade Vanilla Printable Labels

Homemade Extracts

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Recipe for Natural Lemon, Ginger & Honey Lozenges | LorAnn Oils
Homemade Cough Drops {lemongrass + ginger}

Home Apothecary

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How to Make Sauerkraut
13 Fermenting Supplies to Buy Online Before You Start Making Kombucha | Bon Appetit
5 Fermented Foods That Anyone Can Make. #Fermented #Food #survivalcooking


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This cast iron roaster turns garlic into an explosion of sweet and savory flavor.
Lodge® Cast Iron Square Grill Pan in Griddles, Grill Pans | Crate and Barrel

Cast Iron

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