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a piece of art made out of glass with different colors and shapes on it's sides
Multi-colors Tourmaline | Geology In
Marvelous Multi-colors Tourmaline
Golden Ratio Pendant . Freshly polished borosilicate glass
a cluster of blue crystals sitting on top of a yellow piece of rock next to a black background
Veszelyite crystal from Black Pine Mine, Phillipsburg, Montana
there is a rock with some kind of thing in it
a piece of food that has some kind of substance on it
Nature and more
a hand is holding some clear crystals
Amazing Geologist: Photo
Here is a gathering of wonderful pictures of minerals, fossils, structures, gems, geology, etc., with simple information on the content.
Snow House, Rocks Minerals, Crystal Power, Cool Rocks, Crystal Magic, Love Rocks
Palace Crystals
Incredible Spray of Azurite Crystals Azurite Crystals
Incredible Spray of Azurite Crystals | Geology In
Incredible Spray of Azurite Crystals