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an advertisement for delta airlines showing the airliner's business card
a magazine cover with a woman wearing a red hat on top of her head and the words tubi is more popular than being french
the land of armadillos by helen marlyes shanman book cover
In the Land of Armadillos — Matt Dorfman
a piece of paper with writing on it and two pencils laying next to it
Gift Wrapping Paper | Paris Map Pink by Holli Zollinger - Pack of 5 - Society6
Now you will finally understand why your grandmother wanted to save the wrapping paper. The oversized, premium-weight sheets will please even the most discerning wrappers. Look, people love getting gifts (that's a gimme) but what people love even more is a gift wrapped with a thoughtful and eye-catching style. So give the people what they love. - Sold in a set of five sheets - Each sheet measures 20" x 29" - 100lb smooth matte paper **PRO TIP**: Use long pieces of double stick tape on t
a poster with the words daily reminders written in red, yellow and blue on it
Daily Reminders Wallpaper
an aerial view of a rowing boat in the water with eight rowers on it
a white shirt with blue stripes and a boat on it
three blue and white wavy lines are shown in this graphic art print, which is part of a series of abstract shapes that appear to be overlapping
River & Rowing Logo | The Partners | River & Rowing Museum | D&AD Awards 2001 Pencil Winner | Symbols and Logotypes
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the state of the union in numbers with an image of the capitol building behind it
an info sheet describing the different types of art and their uses in this project, including collage techniques