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We love surfboards more than pretty much anything (except for waves). But one can't exist without the other. For us anyway.

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Another angle on the 6'9" Ledge #albumsurfboards #albumledge #blackonblack

8 of the best high-performance shortboards | Surfd
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8 of the best high-performance shortboards | Surfd

A roundup featuring 8 of the best shortboards for intermediate and advanced surfers. Includes JS, Slater Designs, Rusty and Super Brand.

Review: Firewire Moonbeam | Surfd

Review: Firewire Moonbeam | Surfd

If you're a good surfer who enjoys experimenting with unorthodox shapes, then I highly recommend you try out the Moonbeam.

Wooden surf fin hand shaped : blue

Wooden surf fin for decoration only, hand shaped and painted. Fin have leg in cardboard to put it everywhere on your office. It can be hang and framed. Hand numbered and signed. Acrylic paint and Posca Stamp of authentication Size : Base 12cm, height 13cm. Same size as a normal fin. Shipped by registered mail ⚓ Anthony aka XLR8

Surfboard Fins - The Surfing Handbook

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Review: Slater Designs Cymatic | Surfd

Review: Slater Designs Cymatic | Surfd

A review of the Slater Designs Cymatic surfboard, manufactured by Firewire. Includes video, images and links.

Surfboard Tail Design - The Surfing Handbook

What is the difference between Surfboard Tail Designs?



Almond Surfboards R-Series 5'4" Secret Menu Surfboard

Free Shipping & Lowest Price Guarantee! The Almond Surfboards R-Series 5'4" Secret Menu Surfboard is in stock now.

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Go Fish - Firewire Surfboards

“This board just makes me want to surf.” Rob beams. He continues “No matter what the waves are like, whether it’s Kelly’s wave or a beach break in France, I just love how speedy and drivey it is, and I love the unique lines it lets me draw.” But it’s not just Rob’s love of […]

Showroom — Corey Graham Shapes

Surfboards currently in stock.

5'8 Mitsven Fish

We asked Bob Mitsven to send us a couple twin keels with pulled in tails for maneuverability in tight spaces. The rails are slightly turned up, offering a delicious edge for strong bottom and top turns. These boards will work in a variety of conditions and will have you grinning when the waves are sub-par or straight


SURFBOARDS BY RICH PAVEL / 5'11 QUAD SEA FORM BLUE TINT / Hand shaped by Rich Pavel / The Designer(Model) / Quad Fin (Fin is not included) / The most high peformance Quad / 5'11-21-2 1/2(size) 当ボードは、スティーズンリズ、スキップフライと並んでツインフィン界の巨匠Rich Pavel(リッチーパベル)のハンドシェープの板になります。モデルはデザイナーです。彼の板の中で一番ハイパフォーマンスなモデルです。ショートボードのよりなレールとフラットロッカー、リッチパベルの繊細なアウトラインの組み合わせが最高の乗り心地を提供してくれます。一度乗るとやめられなくなるボードです。カスタムオーダーも可能です。当ボードのサイズは、5'11-21-2 1/2になります。


The real go-to in the collection. The Hellhound is one of my first templates and still a favourite. Happy in such a wide array of conditions and if i could just take one board on a trip this might be it. Foam pushed forward, neutral rails, double concave under the back foot and a nice edge to provide positive feel a