Plátanos Calados o Plátanos en Tentacíon

Plátanos Calados o Plátanos en Tentacíon

Platanos Calados are platains caramelized with brown sugar. Platains are frequently used in the COlombian kitchen, either as a fried salty Snack or in numerous sweet variations.

Platos caseras: arroz Antioqueno (Rice with Chorizo, beans, plantainas and avocado) muy delicioso jaja

Antioqueño Rice (Arroz Antioqueño)

Bandeja Paisa - " tradicionalmente decoradas , bandeja paisa incluye frijoles, arroz blanco , chicharrón , carne en polvo , chorizo ​​, huevo frito , plátano maduro , aguacate y arepa , pero se puede sustituir la carne en polvo para la carne de vacuno o cerdo a la parrilla. "

Bandeja Paisa (Paisa Platter)

Arepa de Maíz

Arepa Boyacense (Arepa from Boyacá)

"This Arepa Boyacense is from El Boyacá department of Colombia, located in the Andean region of the country, and it is made with yellow pre-cooked corn meal (masarepa), all purpose flour, sugar and fresh cheese.

Receta de Arroz con Pollo Colombiano |

Arroz con Pollo Colombiano

Colombian Arroz con Pollo - Colombian Chicken and Rice - use custard dishes sprayed with pam for individual servings or sprayed bowl

Caldo de Costilla

Caldo de Costilla

Caldo de Costilla (Colombian Beef Ribs Broth) *achiote can be substituted for tsp turmeric and tsp paprika

Tamales Tolimenses (Tolima Region Tamales)|

Tamales Tolimenses

Tamal is an important dish in Colombian cuisine and you'll find them on almost all traditional Colombian restaurant menus.

La Lechona es hoy uno de los platos tradicionales y de mayor reconocimiento en la cocina típica. Colombiana

Lechona Tolimense (Colombian-Style Stuffed Pork)

Lechona Tolimense is a traditional dish, originally from the Tolima department of Colombia, is often served on special occasions. This popular dish consists of