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Post your racks pictures

Post your racks pictures

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Custom Snake Rack

I have spent many months researching how I wanted to design my rack. This is what I finally came up with. It is designed to hold six 41 qt Sterilite tubs, and six 12 qt Sterilite tubs. This combination of tubs allows me to be able to divide them for either sub-adults, or hatchlings. I used 4" Flexwatt belly heat, which is controlled by the Herpstat 1. I also am limited on

Plastic Reptile Cages, Tanks and Racks. Snake, arboreal, lizard and turtle light weight custom flexwatt heated enclosures.

Plastic Reptile Cages, Tanks and Racks. Snake, arboreal, lizard and turtle light weight custom flexwatt heated enclosures.

This is a site dedicated to high-end beautiful and yet functional reptile caging he has for sale here at

3D visualization for terrarium construction

How to create a terrarium vivarium paludarium

How to make a rainforest terrarium vivarium paludariumt for reptiles, dart frogs, lizzards

DIY - Boa Enclosure

You can get the track and the door pulls from the following site: They sell different colors and lengths. Shipping cos...

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Cornsnake Rack

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DIY reptile rack system

DIY: Snake Rack

DIY reptile rack system

Terrarium Racks

Get excited and make something.

blimey! That's growing in nicely! Journal please! M

Our standard bearded dragon enclosure measures 36” wide X 24” deep X 18” tall to provide optimal floor space and to simplify heating & lighting solutions. We also Make a 48" wide X 24” deep...

Custom Enclosures

The 36" enclosures have the same amount of floor space as a 90 gallon aquarium and 33% (1/3) more than a 40 gallon breeder tank. The 48" enclosures have 1 square foot less floorspace than a 150...

How to make an acrylic terrarium - Reptile Forums

How to make an acrylic terrarium

Ok People, As promised a step by step guide of how to build an acrylic terrarium. STEP 1: MITRE BLOCK Before building and terrarium, you will need to

Save $ Money - Build a Strong, Lightweight Reptile Enclosure for $50!! - YouTube

How to Make a PVC Reptile Enclosure

How to make a PVC snake enclosure - Step by step on how to build a PVC cage just as good as a professional Animal Plastics or Boaphile enclosure.Here are the...

Custom built reptile enclosures.

Custom built reptile enclosures.


DIY 4x2x2 cage finished!!

2- 3ft stacks, with a large rack centered

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