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Aesthetically Pleasing

Ever looked at something, and it just evoked a certain sense of tranquility and wonder in you?? Well, that's what this board is specifically devoted to…
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I shall do my best, random moving truck on the highway 🙏
I'm not sure what it is exactly, but this art style makes me feel like it was very Japanese inspired... and I like it!~
Long-distance relationship goals ❤️


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"These beautiful sparkling disco balls are not mushrooms or fungi. Lamproderma muscorum is actually a myxomycetes, or slime mold. Slime molds are usually single-celled organisms but come together to make reproductive structures when environmental conditions are right. These purple iridescent globes are the reproductive stage of a colony of amoeba to produce + disperse spores, which is how slime molds propagate. They are one of the prettiest, but weirdest, lifeforms to exist!"
"Indian scientist, Felix Bast, discovers a new species of algae off the coast of the Andaman archipelago. It is already threatened due to habitat destruction. It belongs to the genus Acetabularia, and so it is single-celled. Yup, each umbrella is one ginormous cell!" It has been nicknamed the Mermaid Plant
"Originating in the 1960s, Painted Ladies are Victorian + Edwardian houses + buildings repainted in three or more colors that embellish or enhance their architectural details." "They are one of the best examples of asymmetrical, non linear architecture ever created."


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The way this was captured is nothing short of amazing. Being able to only see the word rage reflected in the water is so ominous.. (The Building Of Rage)
"The exact moment a candle is blown out but still burning."
What a beautiful fairy~ 🧚‍♀️ A rare encounter with her will surely replenish all of your health


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"According to Thai cosmology, Sumeru Mountain is considered the pillar of the world, as well as the center as the universe. The mountain is the residence for spirits ranging from deities in heaven, to devils in hell." "On the top of the lofty mountain is Trueng City. The city is believed to be the kingdom of gods, such as King Indra. His most important responsibility is to protect the serenity of the world."
This is my golden hour; those precious moments between breaking through the darkness, and the world suddenly becoming engulfed in waves of color
This is a wonderful concept. Very rarely do we get to see older models that aren't advertising some pharmaceutical product. She looks absolutely stunning 💗


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One of those nights where your family wouldn't get off your case. So you called up your best friend, who immediately told you to get over to her house. You arrived exhausted, but so incredibly happy to be able to fall asleep in a place that seemed so familiar and safe..
man we've all been there..
The great thing is, this could just be an artistic piece, or an actual smoking room 😭 (Smoking Room - Leandro Erlich (2006))


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