to do the polka dots use the band aid technique when using the glitter polish Más

The combination of red, white and silver glitter nail always brings nice results. | http://nailit.info/the-combination-of-red-white-and-silver-glitter-nail-always-brings-nice-results/

Hearts, Valentine nails -- I'd go with more of a watermelon red, and trade the silver glitter for gold.


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Diseños de Uñas de color Gris 5

26 Diseños de Uñas de color Gris

A strong looking nail art design with matter dark gray polish plus white polish under a series of black and dark gray animal prints painted on top.

Uñas en gris

nice Grey And Silver bygood morning, let me know when you finish with the shampoo; I want to wash my hair today MargaritasNailz from Nail Art Gallery

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