Hang app is the simplest way to organize meeting up, without too much back and forth. This app is not for long conversations, it’s for quick communication. Meet up with your friends and put down your phones!

Hang - the app which helps people invite their best friends in just a few taps

Educational platform for systematic preparation for IIT JEE examination, necessary for Indian students to be able to enter the university. The main idea of the project is to fill in the gap in proper available online source for students. The team of professionals will check your knowledge, using the newest technologies, and advise on what you should pay your special attention to succeed in exam.

The key to building a beneficial relationship with Spirit is reciprocity. Find out how to create that, here.

TipCow is a fresh app to connect new musicians with their fans and venues owners! As a music lover, you’ll get free access to albums. If you wish, you can tip the performer you like. Tippers get rewarding prices for tickets.

Hot Spots: Weekend Watch for Music, Wrestling and Festivals

Trade Planet is the first trade platform for agricultural products. The most convenient conditions for deal-making and discussions are provided for traders. The double control system prevents unverified casual traders from participating in any operations, any activities or access to information.

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