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was a blue-black protocol droid. The droid was in the service of Darth Vader, who used it as an surveillance and security unit.

Mitsubishi Outlander - Robot on Behance

The brand new campaign by Africa Agency for Mitsubishi highlights the technology in the new Outlander.The big challenge for our team was to design characters using the same car design features.For this, Lightfarm team created a futuristic Robot and an A…

Apple APPLE 1 The story of the development of the Apple 1 has became a "legend". Here's how it goes: Steve Wozniak, was working for Hewlett-Packard at the time, wanted to build his own computer. He couldn't afford the Intel 8080 CPU (this CPU was very popular then, as it was used in the Altair 8800 & IMSAI 8080, but was pretty expensive). He would have used the Motorola 6800 but it was also much too expensive.

This is Apple I. The first Apple computer. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the most famous members of the Homebrew Computer Club, designed it over 30 years ago, in It was mostly a kit computer. Users bought the workings and built their own case.

Atari 400 Computer. This was our first family computer. I think my parents took a second mortgage to buy it.

I collect vintage electronics (and I have kept my Atari 400 from the late Still works and the graphics & playability are as good as the stand up arcade versions.