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a green plant in a black pot on a table
How to Get an Orchid to Rebloom
Learn how to get an orchid to rebloom. We've outlined the 3 most important steps to trigger reblooming of your orchid.
two potato plants sprouting out of the ground, with roots attached to them
Few people know how to propagate orchids with just one potato
Few people know how to propagate orchids with just one potato - YouTube
three different views of an onion growing in the ground
Do this with your orchid, it will sprout and flower all year round | Just use garlic
three pictures of a plant in a glass vase with water and leaves on the inside
Never throw away dead orchids after watching this! Growing Rootless Orchid In Water
someone is holding a plant with yellow flowers in it and the words learn how to regrow orchid roots
Learn How to Regrow Orchid Roots
a white orchid plant with the words dropy orchid leaves? fix to revive your plant
Droopy Orchid Leaves – 1 Fix To Revive Your Plant
a hand holding up a potato with a lit candle
The miracle of helping orchids grow roots immediately because of free fertilizer
three glass vases with flowers in them on a table
Are Orchids Parasites + How to Grow Orchids in Water
Are Orchids Parasites? How Orchids Grow Without Soil
two photos showing the same plant in different stages of blooming, and one with yellow flowers
Sprinkle with a spoonful! It causes orchids to reproduce uncontrollably all year round
a white orchid in a pot with the words 10 reason why orchid leaves turn yellow
Why Are The Leaves On My Orchid Turning Yellow? - Smart Garden Guide
a plant that is growing out of some dirt
How to tell the difference between orchid roots and orchid spikes | Brooklyn Orchids
Phal roots
several potted orchids in front of a window with the words learn about orchid roots gardener's path
All About Orchid Roots and What to Do About Them
What are those roots sprouting from the bark in your orchid’s pot? Are they bad or good? Should you trim them off right away? Gardener’s Path helps you understand the different types of orchid roots and how to deal with each of them. Learn more now in our comprehensive guide. #orchids #houseplants #gardenerspath
a potted plant with the words why do orchid leaves cut?
Why do orchid leaves curl and twist? 6 Reasons & Remedies - Orchideria
How I care for my orchids
And if lived in florida, I could grow these on trees and call it a day 😞 But since I’m in Indiana, we result to caring for orchid the basic way. The biggest tip is, if your orchid is healthy (no rott or mushy/dying of leaves, or severe plant issues) then there is no need to repot just yet. Also, a mistake I’ve seen is potting and orchid in soil. Orchids have those very thick roots and they will not survive in soil. My potting medium of choice is either orchid bark on its own or a combination of orchid bark and spaghnum moss. Stay tuned for an upcoming orchid video where I show you what to do once the blooms are gone.
different types of orchids and pictures with text overlay that says, 31 types of orchid
31+ Different Types Of Orchids With Names, Facts and Pictures