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an image of a lion statue on top of a pillar
three drawings of men with different hair styles and beards, one is drawn in pencil
Dis­ser­ta­tion sur un trai­té de Charles Le Brun, concer­nant le rap­port de la phy­sio­no­mie humaine avec celle des ani­maux — rap­port de la figure humaine avec celle du lion
a statue of a woman holding a child on top of a black pedestal with a gray background
From a maharajah's throne to George IV's sword, the treasures at risk
a statue of a man holding a bull on top of a white block in front of a wall
Katerina Pilnikova MINOTAUR (2016)
a sculpture of a dinosaur's head with its mouth open and teeth out, against a gray background
a statue of an animal with its hands on it's face
"Minotauro", escultor Pedro Requejo, escultura vista en San Lorenzo de El Escorial, agosto 2010, con un pequeño texto mío...
a statue of a man with his hands on his face and arms wrapped around him
a black and white drawing of a woman with grapes on her head, surrounded by vines
an old drawing of various vases and fountains
a bronze statue of an angel holding a bird on top of a black base with a gray background
a wooden sculpture with an animal on it's back and wings extended to the side